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The Veep Debate: Dear Paul Ryan

The first thing you must do in tonight’s debate against Joe Biden is forget that there is a moderator in the room. Let’s face it, Joe has a winsome personality and he’ll just charm the socks or some other article of clothing off any moderator the fair and balanced media can assign to the debate. So forget trying to charm the fair and balanced moderator, Joe already has that covered.

Secondly: Do not mention Ronald Reagan. The Left has co-opted him. Ronald Reagan, like Abraham Lincoln, was a Democrat. If you mention Ronald Reagan you will be walking into a trap. Joe Biden will say something like, ‘Congressman, I knew Ronald Reagan, and Congressman, you…’ yada yada yada. No Ronald Reagan.

Third: Two words: ‘Jobs’ and ‘Benghazi’. Joe will pretend to be vague on that second word (‘still under investigation’ blah blah blah), but keep it up. Explain that Benghazi is where four Americans died and that it was on Barack Obama’s watch and it should not have happened and would not have happened if Barack would break his golf or campaign calendar once in a while to attend a security briefing.

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Joe will no doubt parry with something like Barack Obama killed bin Laden. This is an easy one. Just say that you don’t have the inside security details on the mission, but you can’t wait to see the movie. That should shut him up.

Jobs is self explanatory; Americans across the nation will get it. Yes, yes, Joe will obviously try to say that Obama has created 4 million jobs and point to the new numbers to support his argument, but just look into the camera and say that 4 million part-time jobs pushing Happy Meals across a stainless steel counter do not a strong jobs rebound make.

So every time Joe mentions the middle class or the deficit or education or energy or, well, anything but foreign policy, just say ‘jobs’. In fact, even if Joe or the moderator (remember, she’s not in the room) mention foreign policy, say ‘jobs’. It is difficult to know when to land a good jab, but if the opportunity arises you may even want to spell it out: J-O-B-S. Jobs.

Winsome though he may be, Joe hasn’t held a real a job in 45 years, and Barack Obama has never had a job period. They’re both like a couple of American tourists in Mexico; they’ve learned to pronounce the word but have absolutely no idea what it means.

Let’s see, what else?

Big Bird. Be sure to say it like Barack—Big Bird. That’s right, snap it out there. That’s it. Okay, this is the one place you should resort to the tried and true Democrat strategy of class envy. Just point out that Big Bird is worth $356 million.

One comment on “The Veep Debate: Dear Paul Ryan

  1. AC
    October 11, 2012

    Absolutely right on and beautifully said……:)

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