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Smilin’ Joe Biden Uses the Old Snicker-and-Interrupt Strategy, Looks Goofy

Joe did the full Joe Biden tonight in his debate with Paul Ryan. Ryan was polite and respectful, and loaded with specifics. Joe was the drunk who anywhere else would have been booted out of the party after 20 boorish minutes. Not that Joe was intoxicated, that would have been an excuse; there was no excuse for his conduct. Bizarre is the word we’ll use here.

Twitter went wild.

When David Gregory is ready to puke you know the Veep was a serious click out on his windage. Gregory hasn’t peeked out from behind the Cryptocoryne since they cleaned out the aquarium four years ago, he’s been so deep in the tank for Obama.


Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan were the two candidates on stage at Thursday’s vice presidential debate, but a third character emerged: Joe Biden’s laugh, which didn’t escape the notice of tweeting politicos. (And led, of course, to at least three satirical Twitter accounts: Laughing Joe Biden, Biden Smirk, and yet another Laughing Joe Biden.)

Weekly Standard’s Mark Hemingway: “Joe Biden’s laughing through talking about Iran sanctions?”

TIME’s Michael Scherer: “Not sure debate cameras have been light tested for Biden’s teeth. Best to watch with sunglasses.”

Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein: “Biden’s strategy seems to be to laugh at Ryan constantly. Will it work to infantalize Ryan, or backfire like Gore sighing?”

NBC’s David Gregory: “Biden’s smile is out of control.”

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith: “So did Biden practice laughing at Ryan???”

Okay, maybe Ryan is a nerd, but Joe seemed to forget that if not for the nerds he would have most likely never graduated Archmere Academy, much less schlepped his way through the University of Delaware.

How about that Martha Raddatz, though?

The Daily Caller:

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz delivered just what Team Obama needed in Thursday’s vice presidential debate, a mere week after the president bumbled his way to a failure in his first one-on-one tussle with Republican Mitt Romney.

Raddatz channeled her ABC News colleague, former Bill Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos, while moderating Thursday evening’s showdown between Vice President Joe Biden and GOP vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, conducting the event with questions and timing that benefited Biden.

Barack, you absolutely must take this woman for a ride on Air Force One before you leave office. The debate hadn’t been commenced 10 minutes when Raddatz caught the wink and joined with Biden to repeatedly interrupt Ryan’s rhythm. Nope, just as ABC promised, no bias there.

Seriously, we disagree with The DC’s assessment. Biden torpedoed his own performance beyond Raddatz’s help, not that she didn’t do a dang good job trying. Ryan won on substance.

When will the GOP set down its foot and demand true debates without front-loaded liberal media moderators? Get on the stick Reince Priebus. Stop whining about double-standards in the MSM and do something about it.

h/t Drudge

2 comments on “Smilin’ Joe Biden Uses the Old Snicker-and-Interrupt Strategy, Looks Goofy

  1. AC
    October 12, 2012

    Right on….. Quit being wimps and get a spine… Why would the repubs put up with these liberal moderators e every time?

  2. Bill
    April 14, 2013

    What’s up, after reading this remarkable post i am too happy to share my experience here with mates.

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