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Dear Mitt Romney: Debate Tips No One Else Will Give You

Several things will be key to winning your debate with President Obama tonight. Regular Right Guy and the folks at Mornin’ Mojo aren’t worried. You’ll do fine. However, you might want to be ready for an uneven night, since CNN’s Candy Crowley is helming the debate moderator post.

Here are some tips:

First, if Crowley tries to advance her position as moderator into something more along the lines of Obama apologist, just tell her that she is now officially large enough to apply for statehood, and that, if elected, you will consider it.

Then, once you’ve established yourself as the alpha-dog in the room, focus on what a Romney presidency will look like.

Remember, you don’t have to knock this one out of the park. Just let people know that you are human and one darn smart one at that. President Obama needs a win while you need only to perform well.

Obama will be on the attack, cocky. Look for a major Red Bull buzz. He’ll go after the 47 percent comment you made. Turn this around. Say that you were being less than articulate and that you could have ‘calibrated’ your words better. [laughter-applause] They’ll love that one.

In response say, Mr. President, it’s kind of like when you said about working-class voters, “… it’s not surprising then that [hicks from Pennsylvania] get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations…”

You didn’t really mean that, right, Mr. President?

Benghazi should be at the forefront of tonight’s debate. President Obama will be weak here. For one thing, the buck stopped at Hillary and he’s probably not trying to get it back. Point out that bucks only get to stop in the Oval Office. If he did not, as Joe Biden claims, know about security problems in a hot zone like Libya, he should have. No need to use the word ‘incompetent.’ People will get it.

Jobs. This is the killer punch that could cinch up independent votes. Obama has been turning out sheets of money like a wallpaper factory, and where are all those stimulus jobs?

Somewhere on this planet there is a humongous freaking bottomless pit where Obama’s green money goes to die. Billions doled out and absolutely nothing gained but a few suddenly very wealthy CEOs.

In conclusion, Governor:

One word: Women.

The he’s-sooo-dang-cute vote is dwindling away for Barack as we speak. Women, like all other voter groups, want security and jobs and to know their children will have a chance to prosper.

They are not at all like Princess Elizabeth of the High Cheek Bones or Sandra Fluke of the Revolving Dorm-room Turnstile.

Just appeal to their rational desire for fairness and common sense and you will do very well.

Good luck, Mitt


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