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Obama’s Red Bull Moment: SS Crowley Lays Barrage Across Romney’s Bow

It is not like Regular Right Guy didn’t try to tell you RINOs out there. Yet you go ahead and hire Crowley, build some kind of project that would rival the Hoover Dam to prop her up, and then let her make a last-minute rules change on you.

Result: Obama gets 9 minutes more speaking time and Mitt is cutoff at the knees every time he tries to make a point. And what was that the woman had in her jacket side pocket, the population of Tonga?

The Daily Caller:

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — In the post-debate spin room Tuesday night, Mitt Romney’s senior advisers and surrogates took aim at moderator Candy Crowley as they defended their candidate’s response to a question on the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Libya.

“I thought it was terrible,” former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu said when asked by The Daily Caller what he thought of Crowley’s performance. “I think she had no business trying to be a fact-checker on the stage, because she was dead wrong.”

“She was wrong,” senior Romney aide Ed Gillespie told reporters. “The fact is, the president did not call the attack on our consulate in Benghazi a terrorist attack in the Rose Garden. … He said ‘acts of terror will not shake our faith,’ but he did not say that this was an act of terror.”…

“Maybe Obama said ‘acts of terror,’” former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge told reporters. “He never said it was a planned, premeditated, organized attack. Seven days later, on David Letterman, he talked about it being a spontaneous reaction to a movie.”

You guys still don’t get it! When Obama mentioned ‘acts of terror’ in the Rose Garden, he was talking about the guy who filmed the anti-Muslim video.

The Obama administration is now holding Coptic Christian Mark Basseley Youssef political prisoner for making that — and we cannot be clear enough — dis-gust-ing film (disgusting, disgusting, disgusting) while the Muslim extremists who murdered our ambassador and his staff in the attack on Benghazi are no doubt smoking some primo hash and getting amorously reacquainted with the camels at the Oasis Bar & Grill.

Yes, SS Candy Crowley was wrong about the President’s ‘terror’ remarks, but you guys moored her in the harbor. What did you expect?

It is always so refreshing to see a group of doughy RINOs recap a disaster they and their friends helped engineer in the first place.

Full Caf Americano

Here are the facts: For a week now RRG has been saying that the MSM would call this debate an Obama win as long as Bam-Bam showed up breathing. Allow us to say it again: IF A DEMOCRAT’S LIPS ARE MOVING HE’S LYING!

HOWEVER, Mitt Romney won the debate. Really all he had to do was bring the fight to the Flimflammer-in-Chief. He did that and more.

Big Government:

Economy. The first loss is the most obvious. Mitt Romney absolutely dismembered Obama on economics. Obama wasn’t merely outclassed. He was out-leagued.

Libya. At first glance, this issue looked like a loss for Romney. Romney’s attack on Obama’s Libya policy was anything but smooth, and he allowed Obama to play the wronged man of honor… But the exchange drew light to the Libya issue… and moderator Candy Crowley wrongly claimed that Obama had immediately labeled it a terrorist attack… If that were true, why did Obama appear on The View on September 25, a full two weeks after the attack, and refuse point blank to call it a terrorist attack?

The Media. The greatest threat to a Romney victory after a good debate tonight was the mainstream media. It was obvious before this debate that they would spin anything but a full-on catatonic episode from Obama as a full-on Obama triumph. And it was also obvious that they’d jump all over Mitt Romney as a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a racist, a murderer, and a genocidal maniac… Thanks to abysmal moderator Candy Crowley, however, the mask is gone.

This will echo our comments of yesterday. As long as the GOP allows these DNC-Media gangbangs they will suffer debate sabotages like this.

Crowley saw her job last night as Obama’s Red Bull monitor and the GOP had plenty of warning that would be the case. Even Anderson Cooper took her to the woodshed for her inaccuracies. Wow, now there’s a fight I’d have paid money to see. Spank me, gurly man! Spank me… Okay, that was uncalled for. Anyway…

Last night will make Mitt’s job more difficult, but Obama’s arguments were hollow, canned, classic iTunes Obama, and voters will get it. Several real-time screening groups got it immediately on Fox and MSNBC.

Other than that Barack did okay, don’t you think?

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