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Obama Off to Camp David to Prepare For Media-gate III

No one really cares much about the final upcoming debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. I mean we’ve made up our minds, right? What we really want to see is how CBS anchor Bob Schieffer will step in to give Barack the assists he needs when Barack tries to re-spin the truth into something his own commie mother wouldn’t have recognized.

Let’s face it. Media anchors have become caricatures of themselves over the last 20 years, and Schieffer will not be able to help himself when he sees his man sweating bullets over one of his endless list of FUBAR policy nightmares.

Take the last SS Crowley outing. The MSM still don’t get it. Something like 67 million people saw it and CNN is still trying to convince us Candy did a size-18 job.

Yes, yes, RRG knows that referring to Crowley’s size is un-PC — and no erl paintin’ am I. But when you’re as corrupt as Crowley nothing’s out of bounds. The woman could hide a banana republic in her side pocket. Her dessert budget alone could finance Romania for a year. This kind of dead-on-its-ass journalism deserves size-18 criticism.


The Daily Caller:

Despite facing serious backlash for correcting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on the White House’s response to the Libya crisis during Tuesday’s presidential debate — and then admitting the candidate was “right in the main” on the issue — debate moderator Candy Crowley just received a ringing endorsement from her boss.

According to an email distributed in the CNN office and obtained by TMZ, CNN Vice President Mark Whitaker spoke glowingly of Crowley and her performance. Whitaker also blamed “Romney supporters” for the criticism of Crowley.

And, just as Obama’s policy failures have been a nightmare, so too have the MSM attempts to run interference for a presidency in flames.

Big Journalism:

Again and again and again, what you always see from our corrupt media is that as soon as one of their Corrupt Narratives turns against them — all of a sudden that Corrupt Narrative suddenly vanishes from the media dialogue. For months, all we heard from our Narrative Gatekeepers was favorability, favorability, favorability. And why? Because it helped Obama.

Obama’s entire reelection campaign is based on disqualifying Mitt Romney and likability (same as favorability) has a lot to do with that. People won’t vote for someone they dislike and Romney’s early struggle in this area gave the media an excuse to hammer Romney over his inability to connect with everyday voters — which says he’s running a bad campaign — which says he’s a bad administrator — which says he’s not qualified to be president.

As it turns out Mitt Romney is a nice guy. And it is dang hard to trash a nice guy when the one doing the trashing is looking less nice every day. It is almost inconceivable to think Scheiffer won’t try to run interference for Obama, but if he’s smart he’ll get out of the way. Crowley gave Romney a bump for her trouble.

And as for the personal attacks, the Left is making this very personal.


One comment on “Obama Off to Camp David to Prepare For Media-gate III

  1. Scott Sholar
    October 22, 2012

    I wrote a piece on this subject today:

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