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Via Drudge and Hot Air and Fox News and, well, a whole lotta people:

According to Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard Obama is putting new English on the whole Benghazi debacle. It was not an al Qaeda operation.

Okay… And?

Ooooh, I get it. The Obama administration, led by the greatest president to ever get his picture taken in the Oval Office or maybe even the whole darned White House, vastly deteriorated al Qaeda’s effectiveness by killing bin Laden and making all those drone strikes. Therefore the terrorist-style — let’s not rush to judgment — attack that was probably just a spontaneous mob action with mortars and RPGs and other stuff had nothing to do with al Qaeda. Because al Qaeda is gone. See?

And let’s be perfectly clear: a deplorable, disgusting, reprehensible anti-Muslim video does exist, and someone in Libya may have seen it.

Stephen Hayes via Hot Air:

The administration’s new line takes shape in two articles out Saturday, one in the Los Angeles Times and the other by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. The Times piece reports that there is no evidence of an al Qaeda role in the attack. The Ignatius column makes a directly political argument, claiming that “the Romney campaign may have misfired with its suggestion that statements by President Obama and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice about the Benghazi attacks weren’t supported by intelligence, according to documents provided by a senior intelligence official.”

If this is the best the Obama administration can offer in its defense, they’re in trouble. The Times story is almost certainly wrong and the central part of the Ignatius “scoop” isn’t a scoop at all.

Well, Mr. Smarty Pants Hayes, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. A scoop on the Left is a scoop when the Left says it’s a scoop. And you’re just politicizing an unfortunate ‘not optimal’ event while we are doing complex in-depth foreign policy analysis. So there!

See, to loosely quote the greatest president to ever etc etc etc, Here’s the deal:

Remember ACORN? Yep, they’re the community organizers Obama lawyered for and that Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles exposed for trying to show them how to pull off prostitution with underage illegals from El Salvador.

Between the pimping charges and trying to pull off a huge voter registration fraud ACORN lost its government funding and was run out of business. But not quite out. See, ACORN just reorganized a lot of little ACORNs under different names.

Well, nothing is lost on al Qaeda. They have the Clef notes on America. They just reorganized as a whole lot of little al Qaeda’s and went their merry way, bombing, maiming and torturing. Only smaller. Not a really big big deal. Just not optimal is all.

So, you see, al Qaeda had nothing to do with Benghazi. Hillary messed up. David Petraeus messed up. And these little itty bitty ACORN al Qaeda guys maybe were involved… spontaneously. Or maybe not; we’re still investigating.

Anyway, everyone messed up but Barack and Joe. Because the people that messed up didn’t tell Barack and Joe they messed up. So, see?


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