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Regular Right Guy’s Really Really Fair and Balanced Obama Week Recap

Benghazi. And will you guys just stop calling it Benghazi-gate!!!

The Hill via Hot Air:

Obama says he is ‘ultimately’ responsible for Benghazi security

President Obama on Saturday vowed to hold his administration “accountable” for September’s attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, saying he took ultimate responsibility for any security lapses….

“Ultimately as Commander-in-Chief I am responsible and I don’t shy away from that responsibility,” Obama added.

Yeah, but that’s just ‘ultimately’. First there’s ‘Hillarymately’, ‘Panettamately’, ‘Petraeusmately’ and…


Bill O’Reilly Tears Into Brian Williams For Giving Obama A ‘Pass’ On Libya

Bill O’Reilly opened his show tonight asking if recent events in Libya will lose the election for President Obama. O’Reilly appeared to be losing patience with how Obama keeps dodging questions about what happened in Libya and who told which administration officials what to say. O’Reilly also blamed the media, and Brian Williams in particular, for not actually bringing these issues up in interviews with the president.

Apparently, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t know a thing about big time anchoring in the big time New York media. Brian’s job is to keep the nightly news light and airy, while still looking Tom Brokawish. And do Taxi TV, SNL, 30 Rock and stuff. They hired Brian to read news, Mr. Bill ‘Smarty Pants’ O’Reilly, not to get all political and everything. So there!

Then there’s this silly news guy out in Denver who thinks he ready for primetime TV.


Unreal: Obama scoffs when asked about taxpayer-funded green energy sinkhole Abound Solar

During his interview today by Denver reporter Kyle Clark, President Obama was asked about the failure of Colorado-based Abound Solar, a green energy company that received a $400 million federal loan guarantee. Abound Solar declared bankruptcy this past June and is currently under investigation. For some reason, the president finds that amusing…

Oh yeah, wise guy? There goes your shot at major-market journalism. Put me on the spot, will you? I know Brian Williams personally, buster.

Lena Dunham, Lena Dunham, Men Have Named You

I’m telling you, she’s a 21st century Gracie Allen, the next… the next… the next… uh, Lisa Kudrow!!!

Jim Treacher:

“Take that, Mitt! Sure, you’ve got that cranky old bastard Clint Eastwood, but we’ve got Lena Dunham.”

Well, Team Obama has definitely cornered the Flighty, Uninformed, Tatted-Up Hipsters Who Have HBO Shows for Some Reason vote. How will it play with the other 99.999999999% of the country? Oh, I’m sure they’ll love it too….

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