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Romney, Obama Curtail Campaigning For Sandy… Bloomberg… uh, Does Something Else…

Okay, we get it. Hurricane Sandy has been heartbreakingly disastrous for 60 million Americans. But after five hours of coverage the remaining 240 million of us would like to go to hourly updates. I mean, is this not why we have local news?

We are not being indifferent, but there are just so many times an hour that one can announce that Lower Manhattan is underwater and have it qualify as Breaking News. On Fox News we were treated to 20 minutes of two guys standing on a porch stoop in Brooklyn looking at five feet of unrising floodwater. So… okay.

If 24 members of the Michael Bloomberg Tinfoil Hat Club drown it’s news. Otherwise How I Met Your Mother is in reruns and most of us missed them when they were new. At this point we’ll watch anything. Paula Zahn on The Murder Channel.

Incidentally, did anybody see Bloomberg’s Frankenboner… er, presser last night? Correct me if I’m off base here, but wasn’t New York City without power? I’m sure that many had those radios that are like solar or don’t need a plug.

But someone tell me how 8 million televisionless New Yorkers can actually benefit from a hot little Latina signing every word the mayor speaks. This was about as helpful as a Bloomberg Big Gulp alert. Oh, she isn’t Hispanic? Dang! Her Spanish was flawless. She got ‘storm surge’ absolutely perfect. How many Latinos can do that?

Somebody tell me there wasn’t something else going on here. Not that Ms. Signer wasn’t completely professional and everything. Mayor Bloomberg…  not so much.

Romney used is bus for relief efforts, which may have looked opportunistic if one didn’t know that the guy’s been doing things like this for 45 years.

Obama got a free day. Sort of a Benghazi do-over. In the SIT-U-A-TION ROOM. And we definitely had a sit-u-a-tion on the East Coast. No campaigning allowed. Period. In the Sit-u-a-tion Room. At all.

Big Government:

As Hurricane Sandy rocks the east coast, the Obama campaign soldiers on via email. Tasteless email. With millions out of power, the Obama campaign sent an email this evening with the following text:


If you have a phone, don’t call your loved ones to ensure they’re safe. Call up a random person and push for Barack Obama. Because when the weather gets tough, the tough stump for Obama’s re-election.

So we had Hurricane Sandy and everything — not to be diminished by anything written here — and today people are shoveling their way out and getting off checks to Team Obama. And Michael Bloomberg is explaining to the little woman at home. Probably not in español.

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