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Barack Obama, President of the United States, Commander in Chief, Leader of The Free World and Regional Director of FEMA

It has happened a few times in history. Mostly with royalty. When Queen Victoria expanded her title as monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to include Empress of India. Well, other times.

But this is another Barack H. Obama first. The first time that any president has been President of The United States, Commander In Chief, Leader of The Free World, and Regional Director of FEMA. Just call me and ask for Barack.

No Benghazi, please. Barack’s as anxious to get to the bottom of that as you are, but it’ll have to wait for now. Election? What election? Barack can’t talk about anything but the ravages and devastation: the tragedy that is Sandy. Which he’ll care about every day until… well, forever. (Or November 6, whichever comes first.)

Chris Christie’s on board. Just freaking elated that Obama gave him his direct phone number at the White House. Which means if Obama were ever in the White House Chris could call him. You absolutely know this guy’s wife wakes up on her sliver of the bed three mornings a week saying: This is the moron I married?

This is what I mean about Republicans. You guys have the stupidest leadership since Napoleon Bonaparte sold the Louisiana Purchase for three cents an acre.

Go all the way back to Nixon. The first thing that comes to Republican’s minds when someone mentions Nixon is ‘Watergate.’ Of course Watergate was hoax-journalism on the highest level over a two-bit break-in at DNC headquarters. LBJ and other Democrats had been doing similar stunts for years.

Not that Nixon didn’t foul up. He should have had Bob Haldeman and John Erlichman assassinated.

No, if you are Republican, what should come to mind when someone mentions Nixon is the ‘EPA.’ He’s the MFr who gave it to us. That and ending the trade ban with China. How’s that working out for you?

Everyone has been giddy over this Jenny Craig nightmare Christie for three years, and he is at best a moderate, and at worst a liberal who plays a Republican on TV. It should not be missed that Christie’s glowing endorsement of Obama for doing what a president is supposed to do during a national crises cost Romney votes in a race where every single vote will count.

Christie did it on purpose and it should not be forgotten when he runs for reelection.

The question now is whether Obama can literally ride this storm out through next Tuesday. If he can, we get the real Obama November 6.

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