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Petraeus Resigns!!! Benghazi Cover Up?

General David Petraeus has resigned, citing an affair. But Catherine Herridge at Fox News has reason to question the timing of Petraeus’s unexpected resignation.


The totality of the Fox News hierarchy stumbled over each other getting on the air today to shut up Herridge, who has been reporting for a week and a half that the CIA director may be involved in the Benghazi cover up.

In a matter of moments Chris Wallace and Bret Baier were all over Herridge for wondering whether Petraeus’s real reason may have had to do with the mess he is in on Benghazi.

Because this is merely a coincidence, right? Let’s not rush to judgment here. Like all women Herridge may just be getting a little hysterical. After all, Petraeus has Andrea Mitchell fronting for him.

But now Baier may be rethinking his hastiness. He wants to know what we think.

Shame on these guys! We have every reason to suspect that there may be more to the general’s resignation. I mean a president of the United States lied to a federal grand jury and that was his personal business, but Petraeus has to resign?

And, surprise! Petraeus will not testify before Congress on Benghazi. Wow. Imagine that.

This is of course an era of new morality. Clinton lies about catching trim in the White House and he’s good to go, but Bush makes a faux pas on Katrina and it’s a national disgrace.

So there’s that.

This stinks on ice.


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