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Marco Rubio is Just Not Hispanic Enough

One of my pet peeves with the Republicans is that they just never seem to draw lessons from the past.

Already half the leadership is trotting the talking-head circuit saying that the Right wing of the party is to blame for Romney’s humbling lost. How they arrive at this conclusion after fielding the most liberal Republican in decades is mystifying but they nonetheless are touting it far and wide.

So far Bill O’Reilly is on their side. Which in itself should be a warning.

But this week’s GQ interview with Senator Marco Rubio should be glaring explanation enough to teach party leadership the lesson.

In the middle of the chat interviewer Michael Hainey jumps from questions like: ‘If [your grandfather] were with you now, what are some things you would ask him?’ and ‘What are the qualities that would qualify for a man to have dignity?’ to Speaking of dignity, how old’s the Earth?

What part of this do not Republicans get?

Marco Rubio can never be Hispanic enough for a corrupt liberal media. From the moment he consented to the GQ interview Hainey was set to spring a gotcha question that would demonstrate early on the senator’s stupidity. His out-of-touchness if you will. Not because he is Hispanic but because he is not a liberal Hispanic.

Traditional America is no more gone today than it was in the 1960s when the SDS was rioting in the streets against the Vietnam War, or in the 1970s when Gloria Steinem and a few other bitter frumps were burning their bras.

The GOP lost this election for the same reason they lost in 1976 and 1992 and 1996 and 2008; and for the same reason that, even after they won twice with George W. Bush, they still failed to secure the trust of the American people.

For decades, with the tiny eight-year Reagan exception, the Republican Party has failed to message what it stands for, rather than what it is against. And with each of its failures it has consistently become more moderate, in search of a message progressive enough to win special-interest groups while not sacrificing its ‘core’ principals. No such message exists. There is only the conservative message vs. the liberal message, and Americans will gravitate to the conservative every time, if they believe the conservative who presents it.

Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Robert Dole, Mitt Romney, and, yes, even George W. Bush were not conservatives. None of these men are from the Reagan school of small government and big ideas. They are prime examples of watered-down conservatism at its most embarrassing.

Barack Obama and the Democrats did not win the 2012 election; Mitt Romney and the Republicans lost it.

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