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Hamas Atrocities Elicit Wise Words From Feinstein… Yawn

Frankly, it is a little mind-boggling how anyone in the U.S. government would have the nerve to insinuate themselves into another nation’s struggle for survival with suggestions of tolerance, much less a Democrat senator from the most mismanaged state in the Union.

The Daily Caller:

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” Democratic Senate intelligence committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein reaffirmed her support of Israel and came close to accusing Hamas of war crimes.

“I hope people see Hamas for what it is, and that is using their own people as human shields,” Feinstein said. “Putting these missiles and rockets in places right in the middle of residential areas, in homes and mosques and parks — you don’t do this. I mean, this borders on being an international war crime….

“I think Israel moving forward with Mahmoud Abbas is the only way to go,” she said. “And to miss this opportunity, actually because the window is closing — the demographics of the area are making it increasingly difficult, because the Arab population inside of Israel is increasing every year. So this is, in my book, an opportunity. And if the moderate Arab nations would every really to step up to be helpful in solving this, I believe it could be solved. You’ve got a couple of very thorny issues. But the geography of it has been pretty well worked out over the years.”

Not quite war crimes, but close.

How absolutely white of Senator Feinstein. Tell me, Senator, if Baja, California were lobbing missiles in to the outskirts of San Diego, just whom would you turn to for a negotiated peace? Guatemala?

Don’t answer that. Mexico has been invading California for 30 years and you haven’t lifted a finger.

What parallel universe do these people live in? While the U.S. struts around trying to negotiate with an entity that has no desire for peace without the utter destruction of Israel, the left wing media shills for the terrorists.

What is all of this talk of a ‘two-state solution’? Israel has one chance for peace: that is to clean out these animals and anyone else in the Middle East that threatens its security.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem this Thanksgiving. (Ps. 122:6)


h/t Drudge


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