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Let’s Hang Grover Norquist From the Sour Apple Tree

In a society increasingly influenced by social media it will not be difficult for liberals to frame Grover Norquist as a fascist or a Nazi or a pervert or whatever other nasty image the Left can attach to people they loath and fear.

Sarah Palin. There’s an example. The most popular governor in U.S. history at the time, a traditional conservative and riveting public speaker. The Left blitzkrieged her state crowd-sourcing her emails, Letterman made salacious jokes about her daughters, they circulated rumors that she was a slut who slept with a black man.

This is the Left we’re talking about, and they did this while Republicans like Tucker Carlson laughed.

Today, 1-in-3 Republicans detest the woman.

So Grover Norquist won’t be hard.

Americans For Tax Reform, the organization Norquist leads, is a noble enterprise. Not wanting higher taxes is singularly American. Why is it Republican politicians jump ship whenever they loose an election as though their traditional principals were the problem all along?

Yet dozens of senators and congressmen are about to do just that. Leading names in the party came out this week and told us their word doesn’t mean that much, and then couched their treachery in patriotism.

Over what? Taxing the rich. Why does taxing the rich have such a resounding appeal for middle-class voters? Barack Obama could tax every millionaire and billionaire in the country 100 percent of their income and it would not knock a dent in our outrageous deficit. We could levy Donald Trump’s entire fortune and it wouldn’t finance Amtrak and the U.S. Postal Service’s red ink for a year.

Wealth isn’t obscene; debt is obscene. Yet the media paint Norquist as some kind of evil genius who has a stranglehold on the Republican Party. Norquist simply challenged Republicans to take a pledge. They did.

But the wealthy should pay ‘their fair share‘? Because 40 percent just isn’t enough to make the Koch brothers ashamed that they are wealthy and we are not? And the GOP rolls over for this?

Go figure.

4 comments on “Let’s Hang Grover Norquist From the Sour Apple Tree

  1. mikeh106
    December 2, 2012

    Norquist is an unelected demagogue who represents no one. I agree – hang him. Maybe then Republicans will get serious in working with a very good President.

  2. Regular Right Guy
    December 2, 2012

    Hey, great idea! Hang the guys that disagree with you. Then they can’t disagree with you. Shrewd. Since when is having an opinion and forming an association a hanging offense? No one held a gun to anyone’s head to sign the guy’s pledge. Do the math!!! Taxes will not fix our problem.

  3. Invisible Mikey
    December 2, 2012

    I don’t think he should be hung. I think he should be ignored. As mikeh106 said, he’s not an elected official, only a lobbyist. He’s entitled to have an opinion, and if he wants a voice in government he can run for office, but no elected official should be beholden to his will over that of their own constituents.

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