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Gingrich Unloads on GOP Sissies

Are the lines being drawn or what? I for one could have endured four years of Callista’s rictus grin and suicide-run hair bobs for a win. Tradeoff? Two words: Michelle Obama. Think about it.

The Daily Caller:

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that House Republicans should stop negotiating with President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats on the fiscal cliff, saying that by doing so, they give Obama all of the leverage in the talks.

“One of the things I would say to House Republicans is to get a grip,” Gingrich said in a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif.

“They are the majority. They’re not the minority,” he said, enunciating the words as if explaining the concept to someone who did not understand it. “They don’t need to cave in to Obama; they don’t need to form a ‘Surrender Caucus.’”

“So my number one bit of advice to the congressional Republicans is simple: Back out [of] all of this negotiating with Obama. The president is overwhelmingly dominant in the news media. You start setting up the definition of success finding an agreement with Obama, you just gave Obama the ability to say to you, ‘Not good enough,’” Gingrich said.

One question: Does this mean John Boehner has to cancel his green reservations?

Not only does the GOP spend a billion bucks cramming a clueless loser down our throats, but then they say, Mr. President, we’ve already been spanked, please screw us now.

No really. This is embarrassing. When will the GOP wake up and realize that Democrats don’t want a deal? They are completely gaming you morons, and you’re still playing Ward Clever for the media. Grow the *#@%!! Up!!!

This is the reason so many Tea Party stalwarts stayed home. The establishment spent two years going out to destroy Sarah Palin and the 2010 grassroots revolt, and they come up with this as a winning alternative?


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