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Uh-O! Someone Must Deal with Adam Carolla; He’s Making Too Much Sense

Adam Carolla PortraitIf you are the proud recipient of one or more Obama Phones you probably better pass on this one. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re going to say: It starts with R and ends with I-S-T.

Of course you are a MSNBC glue sniffer.

I am Number 1 Son in a mixed Anglo-Asian family. I had to learn an additional language just to discuss the dinner menu. Just kidding. So somewhere south of your beltline there is a place where your race-baiting b _ _ _ s _ _ _ will fit nicely. Keep America Beautiful. Deposit regularly.

The Daily Caller:

On his Wednesday podcast, comedian Adam Carolla blamed Mexican immigrants for overwhelming and destroying California’s troubled public-education system.

“Schools are f***ing ruined, and schools are ruined — not because they’re out of money, but because we’re flooded with Mexicans, and they’re not into studying,” Carolla said. “They don’t come from that culture, and we’re not asking them to change. That’s the thing. We have a culture that is not focused on the schoolwork. It’s a different culture. It’s, by the way, why their culture is failing, and their country, ironically — it’s why they’re here. They’re here because they ain’t into studying. And somebody needs to tell them to get into studying.”

Carolla goes on to say that the family is the key to developing a culture. ‘Look, here’s our culture. Our culture values family, studying and hard work and education.’ That’s our culture. Now you’re presumably coming from a country that does not focus on that as much in your culture.”

Well, we don’t exactly agree with part of that last point; Hispanic families usually have a strong family-based culture. But Carolla’s larger point is taken.

The differences between the Latin Third World and American culture are significant. Most Latin-American societies are on some level totalitarian — or at least oligarchical — and therefore do not encourage, or in many cases even allow, personal incentive.

I.E. keep the masses uneducated and poor, and you will control them. Consequently, generations of ignorance and instability.

In American society — at least pre-Obama American society — the American Dream allows for hard work, education, the belief that one can achieve. And having a society of laws is at the heart of that dream.

That ideal is quickly being shuffled to the side as the Democratic Party continues to sponsor a culture of lawlessness: People don’t commit crime because they are evil; they commit crime because they are poor. Ownership? What is ownership, really?

Vis-à-vis: Entering the U.S. is a violation of our law, but the greater crime is our inhumanity for trying to deport them.

Then Carolla addresses the issue of actually addressing the issue:

“We have politicians that don’t want to fight that culture,” he said. “They don’t want to go against that culture, and we have people in the media who will be called a bigot the second they suggest that culture should change to our culture. Our culture is better than your culture and would you like to know why? You’re here. If your culture was better than our culture, then we would be there, or at least you wouldn’t be here. So let’s first settle the argument of whose culture is better: Our culture. That’s why you’re here.”

If you own an apartment complex, house or building that has been vacant for any length of time, you probably understand the new ‘squatters’ rights’ various far-left groups are attempting to promote in many cities.

Similarly you are a bigot if you take exception to an entire culture coming in illegally and essentially squatting in our culture without any intention of assimilating into it as productive citizens. The next step is to drop a baby and say, Hey, it’s not the child’s fault!

Buckle in. This will become one of the hottest buttons of Obama’s second term.

One comment on “Uh-O! Someone Must Deal with Adam Carolla; He’s Making Too Much Sense

  1. Duff
    December 6, 2012

    It’s about time …….

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