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Ed Asner Goes Wee-Wee on Taxpayers

In+Profile+Ed+Asner+9rpE4d8ZrgZlThe plight of struggling teachers makes news this week. The California Federation of Teachers executive staff (all of whom make over $150,000 annually) is trashing upper-income taxpayers (who pay 70% of teachers’ salaries) for ‘relieving’ themselves on the poor.


The fiscal cliff negotiations have ramped up the rhetoric over the American rich. The latest salvo comes courtesy of Ed Asner and the California Federation of Teachers.

Asner does the voice for an animated short film called “Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale,” that was posted on the CFT website yesterday and is quickly becoming lighting up the web.

The video uses humor to tell the story of how the rich have gotten richer in America and – it says – helped ruin the country by cutting their own taxes, buying politicians and shipping jobs overseas. But one particular highlight has set a low (or high, depending on your politics) in the class war.

In the segment, a cartoon rich guy with piles of money urinates on the “ordinary people” as an illustration of how trickle-down-economics really works.

“When ordinary people wondered why rich people needed so much money,” says Asner, the narrator, “the One Percent said, ‘Don’t worry. This is good for you too. Because it will trickle down from us to you. Someday you’ll be rich too and the rules we made for us will be your rules too.'”

[See Video Here]

When you’ve spent the larger part of your adult life riding in limousines and eating at the finest restaurants and have a minimum-wage Guatemalan maid in your house you can effectively call your maid, then you can make PSAs about the greed of the wealthy with some authority.

The average California teacher, by the way, makes about $68,000 for 8-months work, while paying their deadbeat union reps more than twice that amount for spending their dues money on this tripe. Here’s a far better idea for you educators: Run for union representative.

Back to Ed Asner. What a barfbag. With all due respect, of course.


One comment on “Ed Asner Goes Wee-Wee on Taxpayers

  1. Duff
    December 6, 2012

    Isn’t Ed just the sweetest thing? He’ll tell you that too and that he doesn’t have much money, with a straight smile & toothy grin…..
    This is disgusting….it makes kids thnk they shouldn’t try to achieve anything because it is bad…..another reason for people to take their kids out of public schools & home school or private school…where they can acutally get an education of the 3 R’s & real history….

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