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Boehner: Going to the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff is Obama’s Deliberate Strategy… Well Duh, John!

John-BoehnerRemember how the 1980s was the decade of the jocks? Gretsky, Jordan, Schwarzenegger? And how 1990s was the era of the nerd? The geek in your fourth period math class was suddenly the hippest, and richest, guy on the planet?

Well, the 2000s is sort of like that but this time it’s dumb Republicans.

The Daily Caller:

House Speaker John Boehner said on Friday that going to the “edge of the fiscal cliff” is President Obama’s “deliberate strategy” in negotiations between the White House and congressional leaders.

“Four days ago we offered a serious proposal based on testimony of President Clinton’s former chief of staff. Since then there’s been no counteroffer from the White House. Instead, reports indicate that the president has adopted a deliberate strategy to slow-walk our economy right to the edge of the fiscal cliff,” Boehner said at the Capitol on Friday.

Last week, Secretary Tim Geithner proposed a $1.6 trillion White House plan that includes raising taxes on families making over $250,000 per year and giving President Obama the power to unilaterally increase the nation’s debt limit.

Now you see, John, here’s how it works. First you get elected to a position you are completely unqualified to hold. (There’s an old book on this: It’s called The Peter Principal. You should read it.) Then, through insider craft, backroom deals and backstabbing, you finally take over the top job.

Let’s fast forward.

Now by this time virtually no one in the country has any faith in you, outside of your own district in Ohio. But, if nothing else, you have learned to ape a true leader, so you manage to hang on to your speakership.

You wield an iron fist because you remember how it was when you tried to unseat a speaker, the man who gave you your first break.

So here we are. You are a survivor. Totally out of your depth but a survivor nonetheless. Then someone comes to town who is even dirtier and more underhanded than you. And you enter into negotiations with that someone, who really has no intention of negotiating at all.

Bear with us for a moment; this isn’t over. Next you freeze out anyone who disagrees with you when you try to cave in to the opposition. Because what do they know about big time Washington politics? Right?

You, after all, are the speaker.

So, having retained your power, you go on national television and make a buffoon out of yourself day after day, oblivious to the fact that you have already lost the debate.

There. Wasn’t that easy?

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