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Benghazi is Over. Because Susan Rice is Over… Or Whatever.

united-states-ambassador-to-the-united-nations-susan-rice-_121214223712-650Don’t consider me for the nomination as Secretary of State either. I know, I know, but I must remain magnanimous here. If nominated I will not run; if approved I will not serve. I don’t want the job. So even though no one has nominated me. Just in case. I’m out. Okay. That’s settled…

Big Journalism:

Make no mistake about it, it’s not just the Obama White House breathing a sigh of relief over Susan Rice’s “decision” to take her name out of the running to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The media’s just as relieved, if not more.

Thanks to New Media and Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte, Rice had become synonymous with a scandal the media is desperate not to cover, Benghazi-Gate. And now that that the brouhaha surrounding Rice is over, the media thinks it can go back to making sure the questions surrounding the deaths of four Americans in Libya go unanswered.

There are certain thought-drivers in the media, those JournOlisters you can watch and read if you want to know what the overall media’s thinking — and BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith is chief among them. Smith has perfected the art form of BenSmithing; the writing of stories that pretend to cover a subject when those stories are really about killing narratives harmful to Democrats, most especially Barack Obama.

BJ has a point here.

Everyone from WaPo to BuzzFeed has tried to kill this story from the minute it broke. The Obama administration even had the filmmaker of the anti-Muslim video arrested on trumped up charges and locked up for a year. Naw, the U.S. doesn’t incarcerate political prisoners.

And now Benghazi is officially over? Because Susan Rice is over?

Let’s be clear. Republicans shouldn’t be nearly as worried that Rice could be head at State as they should that she could be sleeping with Hanan Ashrawi. The woman did a scandalous job on the Kenya Embassy bombings.

 The Benghazi coverup is beyond insulting. It’s treasonous.

Last night Fox broke a story by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah) that the State Department is now hiding the Benghazi consulate survivors.

Are Americans this dumb? Well, yes, actually we are. At least, 51% of us are.

Ask almost any male voter out there what teams will be playing on Monday night and he’ll tell you, and probably tell you who will start as QB and his stats. Ask any woman about Eva Longoria and they’ll probably be able to give you her shoe size. They tear up at the thought of Oprah and Martha Stewart not being on any more.

Yet most of them have no idea of the significance of Benghazi or how the president successfully covered it up to win reelection.

Yep, we’re that dumb.


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