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Boehner ‘Plan B’ Gone Bust… or How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm, After They’ve Seen D.C. …?

John-BoehnerDoes anyone else get the impression that, while John Boehner runs around doing a flawless faux-naïf impersonation, Barack Obama is kicked back with his feet on the desk in the Oval Office paring the detritus from under his fingernails? Or is that just me?

Hot Air:

There’s lots of chatter about a deal forming between John Boehner and Barack Obama on the fiscal cliff, but it’s no sure thing yet, either. Carl Cameron reports that the Speaker is still working on a Plan B to bail Republicans out of the politically disastrous tax hikes on the middle class without giving away all the GOP leverage on the fiscal cliff. Boehner is talking with Republicans on Obama’s latest offer, but also on how to extricate from the situation if a deal fails to materialize: [Video]

Of course the plan went bust. Again. But Boehner has decided to run it through the House anyway. Why not just floor a Republican no-tax-increase on anyone bill and let Obama raise taxes on the middle-class? Which is what he is sure to demand next time anyway. Where in the conservative playbook does it say you get points for raising taxes on FTD florists, minimart owners and home roofing businesses? Oh, those millionaires!

Hey, you guys in Ohio 8 elected this boob—live with it.

Katie Pavlich—who has our vote as successor to Andrew Breitbart’s throne—is finally agreeing with what we have said all along; Obama does not want a deal.

Just wait until we get started on gun control.

Obama wants them all; Boehner will counter with just the ones that shoot bullets.


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