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There Are Your Guns, and Obama Guns, Honey: Let’s Stop the BS

ObamaangryJazz Shaw has been posting a good series on gun control over at Hot Air you might want to read. Today she takes up the banning of assault weapons.

We’re only going to touch on part of it here; read it, it’s a dynamite series.

Hot Air:

Military Style Weapons

This is an argument which is already being picked up not only in every media outlet, but by normally reliable conservative voices. It breaks down into a neat, repeatable refrain in three parts which can be parroted as follows:

1.We aren’t trying to stop anybody from hunting! We support your right to hunt!
2. And besides, we’re not talking about coming and taking your guns. We just don’t want them sold any more.
3. All we’re saying is that we don’t want these military style weapons around. They’re only good for killing people!

Shaw nails it here. “First off, the Bill of Rights says nothing about hunting. It talks about the possible need for a militia, which has since been affirmed as an individual right by the Supreme Court, particularly since anyone might – in the darkest of possible times – be once again called upon to stand up for the survival of the nation.”

Well, yes, that is exactly what military style weapons are for: killing people. But American citizens no longer have to worry about a ground invasion from another power. And we are not under the threat of an all-powerful centralized government, as the Founders feared could happen. Those are not legitimate concerns today. Right?

What part of “shall not infringe” do our politicians not understand?

Answer one question: Do you believe the president when he says he doesn’t want to raise taxes on the middleclass? So when he says he doesn’t want to take you guns…? I’ll shut up about that now.

But have you checked out Dearborn, Michigan lately? Arab Americans comprise 40 percent of Dearborn’s population. Christians are literally under assault in Dearborn for, well, not being Islamic.

Barry from Washington may think the Muslim call to prayer is one of the “prettiest sounds on earth”, but Christians and Jews in Dearborn aren’t nearly as giddy about it.

Just a thought. Do you think it’s just an itsy-bitsy bit conceivable that an assault rifle might come in handy with an unpredictable religion like that one day? Naw. Only good Muslims live in Dearborn.

Has anybody else noticed that Christianity and Judaism aren’t encumbered with the problem of having to define whether one is a good Christian or a good Jew? We never hear the codicil: the overwhelming majority of Jews are good. Why is it that only Muslims need this distinction?

Yet liberals always seek to limit the rights of the citizens to combat the actions of the evil among us. It doesn’t work and they know it doesn’t work, but — dang it! — they have to do something! Next thing you know those Christians might be preaching on street corners. Talk about evil!

One of the fundamental differences between conservatism and liberalism is that liberals think that the heart can been legislated into goodness.

In a perfect utopian universe when we are nice to our enemies they will love us. If we get rid of the instruments of evil, less evil will exist. But history, if not religion, has shown us that no such universe ever has or ever will exist. Has the international ban on chemical and biological weapons prevented the evil in our world from having them.

No, the heart cannot be legislated, and America has a heart problem. Not a gun problem.

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