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It’s the Guns, Stupid

thWayne La Pierre’s call this week for government-subsidized armed guards in schools was mind boggling for anyone who believes in the Second Amendment.

At a time when the NRA should be beating the drum for teachers and civilians constitutional right to arm themselves, La Pierre instead demanded Congress enact legislation for more government control over our freedoms.

We saw this same argument used during the TSA debate in the aftermath of 9-11, and earlier following the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department is still subject to federal scrutiny in each arrest or officer-involved shooting in that city.

Essentially, La Pierre is suggesting that we adopt Bill Clinton’s policy in the aftermath of the Columbine shooting during the 1990s. Effectively transforming our state and local controlled public schools into federally mandated institutions.

So at a time when the Left seeks to disarm citizens and further its insane crusade to assure that only criminals and police bear arms, the NRA is insisting on more regulations and laws?

With Andrew Cuomo’s declaration last week on gun control there is no reason for even the most neuronically challenged (we used to call them morons) among us not to know the Democrats’ agenda in the upcoming gun debate.

They intend, at some point in our future, to confiscate Americans’ guns.

Now presumably no such action could take place without a repeal of the Second Amendment; but even the semi-politically-literate voter who watches a little news each night should know that Barack Obama has never let Congress stand in his way, when it comes to regulating away our freedoms.

And now in his second term and under pressure from the most virulent activists on the Left, he will use every underhanded regulatory device at his disposal to limit ownership of firearms. Sure, he will use ‘assault weapons’ or the misnomer ‘automatic firearms’ as his catchphrase, but make no mistake, Obama’s intention is to restrict the ownership of anything that can shoot.

There is a position in this war on our right to bear arms that every American can take, to assure that the government gets the message on this fundamental American right. Buy a gun today. Learn to use it tomorrow. Refuse to ever give it up. To anyone for any reason.

Tell your congressman to stay away from your right to bear arms.


2 comments on “It’s the Guns, Stupid

  1. Kate Stonehedge
    December 24, 2012

    Hmm, you obviously didn’t listen to or watch Wayne’s speech. You analysis is based on an AP “piece”? Fox News??

    Go back and watch it again, try to pay attention and take notes. Pause it so someone can explain the big words to you.

    I’m not going reiterate LaPierre’s statements. You need to pay attention and learn for yourself.

    • Regular Right Guy
      December 24, 2012

      Don’t insult us. We carefully audited Mr. La Pierre’s speech. In it he called for federal ‘secure our schools’ policing grants; he suggested that federal money should be used to ‘put a police officer in every school…’ We do not believe this is a sane or effective solution to America’s gun violence problem. Teachers should be locally backgrounded, armed and trained to protect the students with whom they are charged. College campuses should be opened to student conceal carry and ‘gun-free’ zones should ended immediately. To the extent that we can agree we respect the NRA, but we disagree vehemently on this issue.

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