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2012 Annual Lefty Awards ©

obama_winkFor those of you who have just stopped by for the first time, the Annual Lefty Awards © are our yearly picks of liberals, RINOs and sellout conservatives who have thwarted the will of the people by regulation, legislation and fiat; grown the size of government to untenable proportions; and generally F’d up a pretty darn good thing.

This year, one person stands out far above all others in creating a FUBAR domestic and foreign policy nightmare from which we will quite possibly never recover.


10. Barack Obama — For not instructing his secret service detail to pay their Cartagena hookers union scale. Mr. President, this is shameful for any Democrat so deep in the bag to American labor. Oh sure, once you’re out of the country it’s, union, what union? The sisters of Cartagena Ladies of the Evening No. 73 work hard for the money, Mr. President, and you better treat them right!

obama-preaching9. Barack Obama — For saying ‘their fare share’ in so many regional dialects that people are starting to believe Donald Trump’s birther rumors. It’s bad enough Americans have to put up with your monotoned drivel for the next four years. At least get an accent and stick with it, dang it!



8. Barack Obama — For presiding over the first ever S&P downgrade of U.S. credit in history. What, Mr. President? You think the rest of the world won’t notice? The American Dream just went from New York steak with bordelaise butter to a spam and mayo on white bread.



7. Barack Obama — For Fast & Furious.Fast-Furious-Obama-Holder Hey, Eric, I got an idea. Let’s just cut out the middleman and go straight to the cartels. Think about it. No downside…  At all.

6. Barack Obama — Benghazi.

Barack_Obama_pointsWe have 500 miles of news footage covering the president bumping knuckles with Hillary during the bin Laden takedown, and then doing victory laps telling everyone he shot him. Now we’re supposed to believe he was in the shower when a U.S. ambassador and three aides were literally roasted to death by al Qaeda? ‘We have these things called aircraft carriers, Mr. President, where airplanes takeoff and land on them?’
Barack Obama

5. Barack Obama — For the ‘fiscal cliff.’ Using the U.S. economy as a tool for personal political gain and purposely engineering a financial disaster that could have been avoided by offering reasonable cuts in spending.

Barack Obama4. Barack Obama — For  ‘You didn’t build that…’ Yes, actually, we did. But we had to have President Obama’s help tearing it down. Thanks, Barack.

3. Barack Obama — Islam. 29_Obama_bowing_to_Saudi_kingWe don’t think the president is a Muslim, but with Christians like him we might as well roll out a red carpet for the jihadists. He has almost single-handedly ushered in the second Islamic caliphate and stood by with his hands in his pockets while 40,000 Syrians were slaughtered. All of this while giving away Libya,  Egypt  and very probably the Suez Canal.

obama-ding-dong2. Barack Obama — For giving raises to that useless, er… — it has batteries and is advertised on late-night TVJoe Biden and members of Congress, while everyday Americans struggle to make ends meet.

And the 2012 Lefty of the Year is….


1. Barack Obama — For raising taxes on the ‘rich.’ Translate: small businesses. In the words of Jon Lovitz: Whatta F@#$%^& A*&^%!!!


One comment on “2012 Annual Lefty Awards ©

  1. Duffy
    January 1, 2013

    Right on again, clever & funny

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