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KA-THUNK! Deal? What Deal?

thLet’s suppose that Barack Obama has the public mandate he claims. Just suppose, because it is at best delusional and at worst a bald-faced lie. But let’s suppose. Why then is he being so adversarial? Why is he being outright rude?

Just google “Obama Blames GOP” and stand back for the avalanche of hits in which the President is saying something rude about his opponents, even in victory.

“Obama says ‘pressure is on Congress,’ blames GOP as fiscal deadline nears”  a headline in The Hill read two days ago. “Obama: The buck stops with GOP on ‘fiscal cliff’” read the Washington Times 24/7 after Obama appeared on Meet the Press Sunday.

Magnanimous is not a word to be associated with the name of Barack Obama.

The culmination of last night’s deal, incidentally, yielded $41 in tax increases for every $1 in spending cuts. Something the Drudge Report is calling the “New Republican Math.”

Last week, Charles Krauthammer lauded Obama’s “Great Skill, Ruthless Skill,”  in the fiscal cliff negotiations. He went on to say Obama drove a wedge between conservative and establishment Republicans. Michelle Malkin agreed.

We don’t. The wedge was already there; Obama merely took advantage of it. Day after day, it seemed, Barack Obama echoed the sentiments of conservatives across the country in lambasting John Boehner and others in the GOP leadership for their mishandling of the fiscal cliff talks.

There should have been no talks.

Boehner knew his mandate; his national constituency expected not one dollar of tax hikes without drastic cuts in spending and entitlements. Instead, he allowed Obama to frame the debate as a GOP defense of the greedy wealthy.

There has been nothing masterful about Obama’s “coup” in the fiscal cliff negotiations. He will strut and boast personal greatness and pillory greedy Republicans,  and the national media will continue to front him as he does it. Even Fox News will treat the President as though he has a defensible position. Fair and balanced.

Obama has no legitimate position, and the media and establishment Republicans have let him get away with this ruse.

In fact all the House Republicans had to do was pass their own bill and send it over to Harry Reid’s burn box. Then allow the Democrat bill to come to the floor and vote “present.”

Obama would have owned whatever tax hikes came as a result.

Instead, Boehner is now faced with forging a coalition of Democrats and RINOs in the House to pass a bill that makes not even the interest payments on our debt.

But there is plenty of blame to go around in the Republican Party.

Conservatives should stand firm and communicate with their local constituencies, hammering home the spending cuts message. And press on to 2014, when the establishment is sure to face a very angry electorate.

Our sincere thanks and best wishes for the New Year to the Drudge Report,, Michelle Malkin, and all of the other great conservative blogs that have graciously linked our essays this year. God bless you, one and all.

One comment on “KA-THUNK! Deal? What Deal?

  1. Duffy
    January 2, 2013

    This is sooo discouraging……I just don’t understand the stupidity of these Republicans…. They never know how to fight

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