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Speaker Cantor???

house-majority-leader-eric-cantor-and-house-budget-committee-chairman-paul-ryan-listen-to-speakerThis is interesting. Just as Paul Ryan was burning down his career by voting Aye on yesterday’s fiscal cliff bill, Eric Cantor appeared to be making a run on John Boehner’s speakership. Maybe not, but that’s sure the way it looks.

Real Clear Politics via Drudge:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It’s possible that this is a prelude to a challenge, Thursday, to Boehner’s leadership by Eric Cantor. I think it would be quite naked to do it at this late hour as a result of a split over the vote. 

Look, there are a lot of conservatives in the Republican caucus in the House who hate the bill, and for good reason. This is a complete surrender on everything. The ratio of tax hikes to spending cuts is 40:1 rather than 1:1, or 1:2 or 1:3. So, it was a complete rout by the Democrats. So it’s understandable. 

This is stereotypical twenty-first century GOP, don’t you think? Just when they should be giving us Sonny Corleone, they go for Fredo. I mean, after getting their brains kicked out in the FC negotiations you would think they’d be looking for a junkyard dog to turn loose at the speaker’s podium. Instead we get Eric Cantor? Okaaaay.

Yesterday should forever be known to Americans as the new Black Tuesday. Turns out making the wealthy pay “their fair share” cost 77 percent of U.S. households $1,635 a year.

Meantime, Barry hits us for more chump change and refuels the jet for Ho`olaule`a in Maui. Nearly doubling the taxpayer hit on his Hawaiian vacation. That’s a $7 million Christmas.  Ho’omaika’i and all that crap, Mr. President. Say Hi! to Mooch and the kids.

Oops! Almost forgot. Boehner, it is reported, told Harry Reid, “Go f*** yourself” twice yesterday… and then went out and f***ed himself.

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