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President Body Surfs at $3 Million a Minute

barack-obama_in_swim_trunks_tn_327x600Hey, everybody, Kelly Clarkson isn’t gay. Of American Idol? Just thought you had to know that, first thing.

Meantime, while Barack took his dip in the glassy blue waters off Kailua this morning the debt went up $60 million. That’s about a 20-minute swim. By lunchtime — do the Obamas even eat roast pig? — it had risen another $1.91 billion. Skip dinner —the cellulite on Mooch’s rather replete thighs is staging an insurrection — and by beddy-bye time for the First Family, in their balmy seaside villa, $3.82 billion.

As of January 2, the national debt had risen to $16,393,975. No wait! $16,394,021. No wait! $16,395,185. No wait

Let’s see, how many hours in a one-way flight to Oahu? And the round-trip round-trip  costs… Never mind.

What we need to do now is raise the debt ceiling before Easter, when Barry and Mooch go on vacation again. Don’t want folks thinking we can’t pay our bills. Maybe we could cut a few things, like… Naw, just a thought.

As the insanity continues, the bureaucrats in Washington are scrounging for gimmicks to make it look like they are actually working to bring down the debt. Like minting trillion dollar platinum coins. Oh yeah, that’ll impress Standard & Poor’s.

Say, does anybody out there need a gardener?  Experience? Well, around the house… No? Didn’t think so. How about a houseboy…? Okay, forget it.

THIS JUST IN: Al Gore has joined al Qaeda. He will from this time forward be known as Al Abu Gore. No word on whether he’ll maintain his crazed sex poodle status or go for the multiple wives option.

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