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Assault on Freedom is Universal; It’s Not Just About Guns


We just decided someone should say that first thing today.

This morning the news blogs are full of columns and articles about gun control. We’ll take two: The almost-too-sensible-for-American-consumption Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns, by legendary country guitarist and fiddle player Charlie Daniels, and the downright spooky, Patriotic Group To Build Armed ‘Defensible’ Neighborhood Fortress.

The latter, a group called the Citadel, is opting for the bunker mentality approach, while Daniels points out how gun control has failed in Australia.

We don’t think either article does much to address the problems facing the United States. The Citadel is spooky because if we have come to this we have already lost; and as much as we love Charlie we are not Australia.

When taken as a whole, the Left’s agenda for America is 1 percent genius and 99 percent stupidity. The ninety-nine percent, we saw last year defecating, raping, burning outhouses and starting bonfires in parks, streets and public buildings across America.

They called it “Occupying,” but it was well-funded anarchy, cluelessly manned by groups of morons who are simply unhappy with the way their lives have turned out. Led by the brilliant 1 percent.  Sort of a mini French Revolution.

Most people have at least heard of Saul Alinsky by now. His Rules For Radicals is an NFL-style playbook for the Left. One of Alinsky’s rules is: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

This is how the Left is satisfying its agenda on the myth of climate control née global warming, and it is how they intend to restrict gun rights to the degree that owning a firearm will not make much of a difference.

This is what you see every day when that fop Brian Williams or that way-unconvincing chemical blonde Diane Sawyer come into your living room and love on you for 60 minutes and give you their opinion of you what you should know about today’s news. Over and over and over, night after night after night, until you accept it. Another Alinsky rule: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”

A former U.S. vice president just made $300 million selling his fraudulent “green” cable channel to the propaganda wing of our enemy. Our media celebrated. The good folks at Al-Jazeera are their colleagues in the international press.

So we’re talking about the one percent genius here.

Alinsky came up with one more rule that works nicely for the gun debate (see, we’re all ready calling it a debate): “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

Understand, Alinsky’s book is not a primer; its methods, long before he published his book, have been used by every socialist movement on the planet. It’s a playbook. It works, and it works brilliantly in an apathetic society, such as Germany in the 1930s. Or America in the twenty-first century.

Ask yourself: Why would a nation not use its most effective weapon in a war against an enemy 110 million-strong? Why did the United States not turn Afghanistan into the world’s biggest salt flat? Because the Left has made the use of the Bomb unpalatable to the American public. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” We ended our greatest war with it, but it was inhumane.

America is because it stands alone, above all others. No nation in the history of the world even approaches its success. The fact that Australia implemented gun control, whether it worked or failed, is of no consequence to us. We are different.

And hovering in bunkers will not defeat our enemies.

Write your congressman often: flood him or her with emails and letters. Choose your topics from the headlines and bombard Washington weekly, if not daily. Guns, climate control, border security; create an avalanche of communication. Reverse Alinsky’s Rules: push the negatives; keep the pressure on; politely ridicule his or her positions on issues with which you disagree.

You will get their attention.

Oh, and stop watching Brian and Dee-Dee.

h/t Drudge


One comment on “Assault on Freedom is Universal; It’s Not Just About Guns

  1. Duff
    January 23, 2013

    It is so easy now to write one’s congressperson. Most people I know have never done that……
    I actually get answers..mostly form letters saying nothing, at least from Feinstein & Boxer. Darrel Issa always send back a letter that is to me and even called me once after I sent an email to him….

    Sweden hands out a rifle to every family in Sweden. They do NOT have gun crime there…in fact, they don’t have much crime at all. I guess the criminals have to go straight or get their head blown off….
    It works….

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