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President Obama Gun Grab: Making a Deal We Can’t Refuse?

obama-angryOkay, you knew this was coming, right?

For most presidents a second term is about legacy: With Ronald Reagan it was a more prosperous economy, ending the Cold War, and restoring American pride. With Bill Clinton is was… well, there was that intern in George Stephanopoulos’s office he never… Just kidding.

But with Barack Obama it is clearly how much more damage he can do to the Constitution before he makes off with the goods. That and forming his own Hale–Bopp cult chapter.

The Weekly Standard via Drudge:

Republican senator Ted Cruz of Texas said Thursday that Barack Obama is “high on his own power” with regard to the president’s announced efforts on gun control. Speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio talk show, Cruz, who was just elected to the Senate last November, said “this is a president who has drunk the Kool-Aid.”

“He is feeling right now high on his own power, and he is pushing on every front, on guns,” Cruz said. “And I think it’s really sad to see the president of the United States exploiting the murder of children and using it to push his own extreme, anti-gun agenda. I think what the president is proposing and the gun control proposals that are coming from Democrats in the Senate are, number one, unconstitutional, and number two, they don’t work. They’re bad policy.” Listen to the segment here.

Most frustrating perhaps is seeing someone like Bill O’Reilly, while admitting  gun control will not stop dangerous criminals, agree that gun laws could use some “tightening up,” when it is glaringly obvious that gun laws in Chicago and elsewhere have had absolutely no effect.

Will Americans let the Democrats get away with this charade while making inane arguments like the one Joe Biden made yesterday?

Hot Air:

Joe Biden headed up the task force on gun violence that supposedly wanted to hear all perspectives before proposing a new raft of laws that would restrict access to weapons, magazines, and ammunition.  According to one participant, one reason that Biden and Barack Obama want new laws is because they don’t have time to enforce the laws already on the books — specifically, the laws relating to background checks that Biden and Obama want expanded:

Marco Rubio had it right yesterday: President Obama just doesn’t have the guts to come out with his true beliefs about gun control. He’s fine with guns as long as the are his guns. Let’s face it, his best friend is the biggest gunrunner in the country.

The question for Barack Obama is How many legs will he have to break before he gets his way on gun control? He is not interested in statistics that demonstrate the polar opposite of his argument; he wants the guns that can stand in the way of a complete government takeover.

Fight back: Buy another gun today. Make it a big one with plenty of ammo.


One comment on “President Obama Gun Grab: Making a Deal We Can’t Refuse?

  1. Duff
    January 22, 2013

    Right on!!!!!

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