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BuzzFeed Lays Down Racist Narrative on GOP… Again

elizabeth-warrenIt seems the GOP just can’t zig for zagging. This time BuzzFeed (that’s a lefty cyber rag that likes to create controversy for the Right where none exists) has its panties in a bunch over the GOP’s new minority outreach. It seems the Republicans held their meeting at a former slave plantation.

Well, duh. Republicans, after all, freed the slaves. While Southern Democrats were trying to hang onto them for dear life, and Northern Democrats were sending them back South when they escaped. Ain’t singin’ “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” there no mo’. Get it? Oh that.

Shall we continue on to Jim Crow?

Anyway, BuzzFeed thinks the GOP still has an “optics”  problem. What with all those white faces and everything.

Big Journalism:


The GOP-as-racists narrative continues on Buzzfeed with a piece today focused on the minority outreach being planned by National Republican Campaign Committee Chairman Greg Walden.

Reporting for Buzzfeed on Walden’s appearance at a recent GOP retreat, John Stanton reports only on Walden’s comments about new plans to get more minority candidates and to try to appeal more to minority voters.

But a look at the GOP National Convention last year would have revealed any number of minority candidates. Indeed, one of the most talked about new Senators is Florida’s Marco Rubio.

Rubio was joined by Texas colleague Ted Cruz this year, as well. Not to mention South Carolina’s Tim Scott.

To name just a few others, the GOP also had an amazing candidate from Utah named Mia Love and Indiana’s Second District sent a very impressive woman named Jackie Walorski to Congress. [More]

Regular Right Guy, for one, wishes Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Tim Scott would stop pretending to be minorities. And Mia Love? Not even enough Nap or Ho there to get  Don Imus fired. So something’s up with that. Now, Eric Holder, there is bona fide fractional black man.

Besides, they’re not even Democrats like Elizabeth “She of The High Cheek Bones” Warren. Who is at least 1/3224 Cherokee Indian on her mother’s side…. Or was that her father’s side? Well, some Native American screwed someone sometime way back then and… Never mind.

Hey, waitaminute! Maybe that’s why way more people are killed with knives and blunt objects (tomahawks etc.) every year than with guns. All that fractional minority blood in the Democratic Party.

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