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Sarah Palin Is So Over… or Not

thIn September 2008, after watching Governor Sarah Palin make her riveting acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, we at MM said, “The Democrats must destroy this woman.”

And they went to work on the effort the next day  in force. They attacked her religion, suggested Baby Trig was really daughter Bristol Palin’s first child; they eventually crowd-sourced her emails and moved their pet author in next door to the Palin home.

What we didn’t count on was the army of Republicans—some within the McCain campaign itself—that would jump right in to aid and abet the most scurrilous smear juggernaut in history. Pundits like Peggy Noonan and backroom operatives like Karl Rove.

Noonan was publicly exposed on hot mic, her hypocrisy now a matter of public record. She finally, like her sister frump Liz Trotta, said What the hell, and came out of the closet.

RoveWill and myriad others supporting a flagging GOP so far out of touch with its base that it cannot begin to assess its own failures worked quietly, for the most part, behind the scenes, taking cheap shots wherever they could.

Did Palin make mistakes? Of course she did, and every one of them was analyzed under the electronic lens in a way not seen since the race for the double helix.

Yet Sarah Palin did not go away.

In 2010, she was in large part responsible for the conservative revolt that gave the GOP control of the House. Regardless of desperate RINO attempts at trying to undo it it has held so far.

In spite of coup after attempted coup and efforts to exile her from the party she still supports, remarkably, Palin has garnered the admiration of a number of unlikely advocates, Hollywood director/screenwriter David Mamet and Reid Buckley among them.

This week Palin announced her departure from Fox News and all ready her detractors are driving the stakes. “Sarah Palin and the End of an Era” declares Yahoo! over a National Journal story. “Why Fox News Dropped Sarah Palin” the CS Monitor headlined.

Neither is true, of course, but lies play truth daily in the mainstream media. Go to the entertainment media and you’d think you are in a parallel universe when it comes to any news regarding the Governor. “Sarah Palin’s Fox News Split: The Palins’ Short, Troubled History on TV” Never mind that $1 million a year and a private studio built by Fox at Palin’s Wasilla home doesn’t sound all that troubled. Not to mention a stratospherically rated TV reality special.

Palin documentarian Stephen K. Bannon published an interview with the Governor today on Breitbart News. Be sure to have a look, and see for yourself, if Sarah Palin is over.

Betcha she ain’t.

2 comments on “Sarah Palin Is So Over… or Not

  1. bc3b
    January 27, 2013

    RINOs like Rove and elitists like Noonan hate (and fear) Sarah Palin because she represents the average American and owes the powerful nothing.

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