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They’re Making a Bomb in Iran, Probably… If Anyone’s Interested



Dang, we launched the blog late today and still missed this one via Drudge:

If there are truthers and birthers, should there now be a new term for those who are doubting President Obama’s claim that he goes skeet shooting “all the time”? And should that term be “skeeters”? If so, count CNN’s rising young star Erin Burnett among the gadflies.

During a segment on Monday night, Burnett took over two minutes to dissect the president’s shooting claim — and she found it wanting.

“Obama the skeet shooter,” she began. “Yeah, I’m not making this up. I mean, if someone is, it isn’t me.”

Okay, call us skeeters if you must. Barack H. Obama hasn’t had a gun in his hand since he dealt cocaine to work his way through Columbia.

Today’s Blog:

This is one of those somnolent news days when everything is important and nothing is shocking enough to dominate the headlines.

Out in Hollywood, just a month off the Red Carpet, the powers that be (Ed Asner and Martin Sheen) have decided Kathryn Bigelow is PC Dark Thirty for Oscar contention. Because waterboarding had NOTHING whatsoever to do with finding bin Laden. Ed Asner and Martin Sheen. Martin Sheen. Worked in the 1990’s Charlie Sheen movies? Lou Grant? Never mind.

Meantime, back in Washington, Eric Holder is making an end run around Congress and giving two unconstitutional agencies unconstitutional powers to gather and retain unconstitutional background information on law-abiding citizens. The FBI (Find them anywhere in the Constitution), and “Sovereign Nations’” law enforcement agencies. These are the police that police the slums the government calls Indian reservations. That are sovereign.

And the Coup de Jour: Obama is out in Las Vegas assuring illegals that they won’t be illegal for long.  Amnistía!!! Ariba! Ariba!

THIS JUST IN: Steve Croft is still alleging he’s a journalist, and beltway RINOs are still whining that it isn’t fair because if Croft had done the same interview with George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice it would have been a blood bath. Or something. Memo to RINOs: Cowboy the F*** Up.

And Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey is caught on tape negotiating with a Dominican pimp. What is it with Democrats not wanting to pay the going rate for underage Third World hookers? First Cartagena, and now this. Bob, this ain’t Newark. No Tony Soprano freebies. Pay up, vato!

In Other News: Ashton Kutcher still can’t act, and Demi Moore doesn’t even care because she’s got a new boytoy. Wait. She’s got a new new boytoy. Wait…

Oh, almost forgot: Glenn Beck is celebrating the death of the Republican Party  with cake and confetti and, well… let me check. No, there were no Mormon girls jumping out of the cake. But maybe this signals the beginning of the new GBGOP? With Glenn Beck and everything.

One comment on “They’re Making a Bomb in Iran, Probably… If Anyone’s Interested

  1. Duffy
    January 30, 2013

    It just doesn’t get any better…what a mess

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