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Menendez Underage Hookers Speak Out, Media Ignores, and Jimmy Hoffa’s Still Buried Under Section 107 at Giants’ Stadium

cc_menendez_immigration_121114_wgTell me this guy didn’t creep you out the first time you laid eyes on him. Well, not you folks from New Jersey, maybe, but you guys still think Jimmy Hoffa’s sunning himself in the Caribbean.

Anyway, Sen. Bob Menendez creeps us out.

Gateway Pundit:

The Miami Herald reported:

FBI agents late Tuesday night raided the West Palm Beach business of an eye doctor suspected of providing free trips and even underage Dominican Republic prostitutes to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J. — who has denied what he calls the “fallacious allegations.”

What was that you said, Senator? Oh, we thought you said felaci… Okay, fallacious. With an A. Got it.

Then Menendez appears with Martha Raddatz on ABC News over the weekend and that hack — excuse me, esteemed, honored hack — chews up six minutes on Frank Lautenberg and Cory Booker.


On Friday it was revealed that the FBI is investigating Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) for allegedly sleeping with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

Despite this, when Menendez was given a six-minute interview with Martha Raddatz on ABC’s This Week Sunday, he was not asked one question about the investigation or the allegations (commentary follows with full transcript at end of post):

Okay, okay, we conservatives have Joe Scarborough (the future of the Republican Party) and the occasional unexplained dead intern here and there, but you’d think the MSM would at least have a passing curiosity when a U.S. senator is out molesting children.

Gotta say it: If not for Harry Reid, there’d be no justice.


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