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Giffords, Left’s New Poster Child for Naïveté

Senate Judiciary Committee Hears From Prominent Voices On Both Sides Of Gun Control DebateSo far, no one has described the Alabama shooter who killed a bus driver and snatched up a five-year-old boy as being armed with an “assault rifle” or a semi-automatic pistol holding a 15-round clip. Jimmy Lee Dykes fired one shot and it killed the driver, and then he took a child hostage.

The New York media are lauding the driver as a hero and almost everyone, left and right, agrees.

A dead hero. Not a hero — dead or alive — who said, “Get the hell off my bus,” while retrieving his own weapon and firing through that doorway, before the shooter stepped inside and killed him. Buses, one would imagine, are Gun Free Zones. As it turns out, they are also Defense Free Zones.

Today America is mourning a dead school bus driver and sitting on pins and needles for the little boy now being held hostage in a bunker with a man who was identified years ago as threatening neighbors and children with guns.

But we did hear words of wisdom yesterday from one of America’s fallen, herself a victim of a deranged man with a handgun. Former Arizona congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her former astronaut husband Mark Kelly. “Gun violence is a big problem,” Giffords said in her sadly stilted delivery. “Too many people are dying.”

It immediately occurred to me that Giffords was quite possibly an unnecessary victim in her own tragedy. Her visit to that Arizona shopping center in her district on Jan. 8, 2011 was planned, yet her staff made no arrangements for security. They did not ask local police to standby; they did not hire private security.

There was one citizen at the event licensed for concealed carry, and he was unable to use his weapon without further endangering bystanders. Mark Kelly trashed him for “almost shooting the wrong guy.” Of course he did not shoot the wrong guy; he helped subdue the right guy, but who’s counting that?

Astronaut Kelly also wanted us to know that less bullets in Arizona may have saved one life. If yesterday’s Senate hearing were a Seinfeld episode, this is where the audience would have laughed. If Giffords’ security had been present there potentially would have been no casualties. This is why they have metal detectors on Capitol Hill for deranged congresswomen to ignore.

Maybe a few sane heads will prevail and we can be spared another torturous Gabby Giffords presentation. We in no way make light of the congresswoman’s horrendous struggle for recovery. That is indeed courageous. However, the Giffords’ unsalable rationale is still in tact; she and her husband are still clueless Democrats.

The fact that this society is not civilized is reason enough to preserve our Right to Bear Arms, but there is more.

Giffords and Kelly would do well to listen to Mark Levin’s essay on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, made yesterday on his broadcast, before getting lost in the maze of their personal travail and missing the larger point of Second Amendment rights.

Full Caf Americano

I remember the day JFK was assassinated. I remember vividly the whole weekend and much of the week that followed. We learned that Lee Harvey Oswald bought his rifle and handgun by mail order, and I remember thinking, So what? But of course Congress went to work immediately to outlaw mail-order guns. If Oswald had bought his weapons at J.C. Penny’s most of us would not have been wearing underwear for a decade.

Then only to find out from the same lefties that banned inexpensive mail-order weapons that Oswald didn’t even kill Kennedy; Tommy Lee Jones did it. All that legislation and the real killer’s still out there, making Ameriprise commercials.


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