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Karl Rove Does Not Hate the Tea Party Anymore… Since Yesterday

karl-roveThink of something dumber than Chris Christie making a laughingstock of himself by stuffing a donut in his mouth on Dave Letterman. No, not Eric Cantor becoming Speaker of the House.

Big Journalism:

Karl Rove’s appearance on Fox News’ Hannity was a straightforward and well-intentioned attempt to walk back damage done to American Crossroads by Saturday’s New York Times article, which placed Rove in direct opposition to the Tea Party. “This is not Tea Party versus establishment,” Rove stated. “I don’t want a fight.”

When Sean Hannity confronted Rove about the New York Times article, Rove immediately responded incredulously that the article was from the New York Times – of course it was biased!

But it was apparently Rove and American Crossroads that leaked their plan to the Times in the first place. [Read more]

Right, Karl, and the Palins are having you over for moose chili on Thursday.

Let’s see:

Rove and his posse locked arms with the Times and the rest of the left wing media in trashing Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann; he joined the dog pile on Christine O’Donnell in 2010 assuring the GOP would not regain the Senate, and then pulled funding this year on Todd Akin in a race he was winning against Claire McCaskill for making one stupid comment.

The trouble here as we see it is not one of establishment versus Tea Party, but one of institutional corruption within the permanent politic class. Whenever a GOP power player would rather see a Democrat win than support a “weak” conservative the problem is nuclear.

Who get’s to decide who Karl Rove thinks is the best candidate? Why Karl Rove, that’s who!

The arrogance of Rove’s argument is only surpassed by his cluelessness.

Arrogance because the people get to decided in their states and districts whom they will nominate; the Karl Roves are supposed to help them get elected, not mold the party to their personal likes and dislikes.

Clueless because Rove and even fine commentators like Charles Krauthammer, at times, cannot seem to grasp the fact that they are being used as shills by the MSM to destroy candidates the Left fear.

Full Caf Americano

Karl, just send money and shut up.


One comment on “Karl Rove Does Not Hate the Tea Party Anymore… Since Yesterday

  1. Duff
    February 8, 2013

    Absolutely right on! Karl Rove is the guy that told the Colorado Congressman several yrs ago (name escapes me) that he was uninvited to the WH party because the congressman was on every news station talking about immigration and Bush’s non-policy….he is a liberal & progressive Republican….

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