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Hagel Schmegel: What’s all the fuss over a few Jews?

thFor those of you who are cheering in the wings in hopes Republicans will stop Obama appointee, Republican Chuck Hagel, from gaining Senate confirmation in his bid for Secretary of Defense, take a pill, get some rest, and check back in the morning.

Hagel will more than likely be confirmed. Eventually.

Face it, with slow studies like Susan Collins in GOP ranks this is not mapping the human genome.

But Herr Hagel is in trouble, and we can always hope.

Hot Air:

Don’t get too excited. As I’m writing this, CNN is interrupting its round-the-clock coverage of Marco Rubio drinking water to report a sellout compromise in the offing:


Sources in both parties tell me compromise in the works to delay vote on Hagel, but make it a 51 vote threshold not 60. Deal not done yet

In the meantime, with a cloture set for tomorrow morning, Reid can’t get to 60 and he’s grumpy about it:

“My Republican colleagues had led us to believe they would not filibuster Senator Chuck Hagel’s confirmation as Secretary of Defense,” Reid (D-NV) said in a statement released by his office. “But that has changed. Now, Senate Republicans have made it clear they intend to mount a full-scale filibuster, and block the Senate from holding a final passage vote on Senator Hagel’s nomination. Make no mistake: Republicans are trying to defeat Senator Hagel’s nomination by filibustering while submitting extraneous requests that will never be satisfied.

Said Reid, “We do not have, at 12 o’clock today, a secretary of Defense.” Which is amusing, because if this guy gets confirmed, we won’t have one then either. [Read more]

After 20 years in an anti-Semitic church listening to the hate-filled sermons of Jeremiah Wright; after attending functions with racist Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan; after openly embarrassing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, more than 50% of the American electorate — including nearly 70% of Jewish voters — refused to believe Barack Obama is who he has said his is, and overwhelmingly returned him to the White House rather than vote for the dorky Mormon.

Why break the streak now over one more Anti-Semite.

One comment on “Hagel Schmegel: What’s all the fuss over a few Jews?

  1. Duff
    February 16, 2013

    If Harry & the rest of the Dems want him that bad, with his performance……we don’t want him……anyone Harry likes is bad news…..

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