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Bob Beckel Continues Dry Drunk: Women Don’t Need Guns; Rape ‘Nonexistent’ on Campuses

beckelRoger Ailes is a programming genius, but you have to question his grouping of Bob Beckel with the other co-hosts of The Five weekdays on Fox News. Alan Combs? Okay, maybe not. But Kirsten Powers would surely be a fit for presenting naïve liberal dreck on the blockbuster daytime talk show.

Really. Has Beckel been hitting the bottle? This week he did it again.


It appears that Republicans are not the only ones capable of displaying wild ignorance of the statistics on rape. During yesterday’s episode of Fox’s The Five, liberal co-host Bob Beckel stunned his colleagues by doubting the existence of rape on campus.

The roundtable show was discussing Colorado’s legislative attempt to ban concealed carry on state campuses. The show’s conservative hosts condemned Colorado Democrat Joe Salazar for his pro-ban rationale that, instead of armed women, on-campus call boxes and rape whistles should suffice.

At this point, Beckel expressed skepticism of “on-campus rape” and shocked the rest of the table. “When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?” he asked. 

“What are you talking about? It’s rampant,” co-host Eric Bolling replied.

“Rampant?” a skeptical Beckel asked.

“In particular, date rape on campus,” Dana Perino added.

“That’s one thing, date rape, but you’re going to take out your gun and shoot your date?” Beckel asked again.

Bolling then interrupted — clearly uncomfortable — saying “Can we move on? Let’s move on.”

With this kind of liberal rationale who needs Joe Biden?

Just take another nip and get out your Girls Gone Wild videos, Bob. College campuses are the ripest venues in America for sexual predators. Seriously, man, contact your sponsor; seek help.

We’re with S.E. Cupp on this one; just where do liberal men get off telling women how to defend themselves against men, anyway?

The NRA should run another ad; Bob Beckel is the best argument we can think of for women’s Right To Bear Arms. Well, there is Bob Menendez.

Memo to Roger Ailes: When are you going to fire this moron?


4 comments on “Bob Beckel Continues Dry Drunk: Women Don’t Need Guns; Rape ‘Nonexistent’ on Campuses

  1. Duff
    February 21, 2013

    I am convinced that FOX keeps Beckel on The Five to show how stupid some liberals are….I have complained to FOX with no response several times on his ignorance of most topics. He never seems to do his homework. I also do not care to hear about his escapades past or present, as if any woman would be interested. He has no class and just doesn’t fit nto the FOX Network. Maybe CNBC as there isn’t much class on that channel. I even suggested they replace him with Kirsten Powers or even Juan, but he’s not as smart as Kirsten. But then, she’s an honest liberal and FOX doesn’t want them to look to good on The Five, maybe…..
    Actually regarding the rape subject, men should keep their mouths shut and women should be aware of what is around them, know how to fight and be armed. Rapists aren’t in it for the sex, they’re in it because they hate women and most of the time, they will kill you….I’m for women trained to handle a gun and self defense. This day in age our young women, especially, should have self defense classes and be allowed to defend themselves however they see fit….

  2. Richard Franchi
    February 26, 2013

    I have contacted fox numerous time about getting rid of Beckel. He drags the four into his gutter.

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