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Black People Who Don’t Know Their Place Speak Out Against Gun Control

star-parkerYeah, we couldn’t resist that one. The fact is, that is how the liberal media all too often treat conservative black Americans. Notice the question thrown out to Star Parker and her friends from the Frederick Douglas Society here:

Breitbart TV:

( – Gun control dates back to laws before and after the Civil War that prohibited or restricted African Americans from owning firearms, a group of black leaders said Friday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

“History is [rife] with examples. There’s a direct correlation between gun control and black people control,” Stacy Swimp, president and CFO of the Frederick Douglass Society, said at the event. [Video]

What, a journalist who doesn’t know black history? Naaaaw. The idea of black people in Chicago, D.C., Los Angeles and the rest of the country who want to defend themselves against criminals with guns must be novel, though, for a media so in the bag to the demagogic Left. Did it ever occur to these guys that there are actually law abiding black citizens? Or that they are at the center of the target in black-on-black crime?

Really, you have to give this guy credit, though. The rest of the media just ignored the press conference.

On another front in the assault on our Right to Bear Arms, some gun manufacturers are standing up . Now the count is up to 42 companies that are refusing to do business with law enforcement agencies that have come out for increased gun control.

The story broke in TheBlaze last week:

Last Friday TheBlaze reported on a growing list of gun manufacturers and retailers who had stopped selling to law enforcement in states that were enacting stringent new gun laws.

Since that report, the initial list (seen below) has changed. However, none of the “big three” (Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson) providers to law enforcement have stepped up and joined the companies who have chosen to take a public stand on the issue. In less than two weeks, at least 18 companies have made the decision to stop selling to law enforcement in states that limit a private citizen’s right to own a gun.

Really, what’s the big freaking deal? New Yorkers still have flowerpots they can throw out their windows, right?


2 comments on “Black People Who Don’t Know Their Place Speak Out Against Gun Control

  1. mike
    February 25, 2013

    Boycott by gun dealers will not work without the boycott by glock, Sig Sauer, and smith & Wesson. Great idea.

    • Regular Right Guy
      February 25, 2013

      Yep. We’re recommending buyers boycott the big three until they do.

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