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Obama’s America: The Scary Thing is We Don’t Care



One thing must be said about Barack Obama: the man has been effective. In just four short years he has used the Alinsky playbook to advance his radical agenda, and has masterfully created a European-style socialist democracy virtually over night. Largely by fiat.

We cannot, however, let the establishment Republican leadership in the House and  Senate skate on Obama’s virtually unimpeded rise to near-dictator status. They have been shamefully inept in articulating the conservative ideal that has shaped their party for the betterment of the republic since Lincoln’s time.

Neither can we can blame public ignorance on the media for long before the electorate must recognize that something is very wrong here. Dude, hello! Your America is gone. It has not been simply sidetracked. IT IS GONE.

Obama has taught an increasingly radicalized Democratic Party just how far it can go in derailing democracy.


Fox News Channel host Geraldo Rivera tore into President Barack Obama and his administration’s decision to allow Immigration, Customs and Enforcement to release detained illegal immigrants ahead of the mandatory budget cuts contained in the sequester. He called it a “tantrum” by Obama and a “spiteful move.” Rivera added that he hopes the White House has not endangered the prospects for immigration reform in the process.

Immigration reform? How about the lives and well being of Arizona’s citizens, immigration reform be damned!

If indeed President Obama is behind the wholesale dumping of 3,000 criminal aliens, and 1,000 per week throughout the month of March, onto the streets in Arizona (and make no mistake, he is), it is an impeachable offense.

Yet where is the outrage?

Back in 1994, when O.J. Simpson walked free on a double murder in Los Angeles, the media politely labeled the verdict “jury nullification.” As though the slaughter of two human beings could somehow be couched as a matter of civil rights. On a grander scale,  we now have teachers in our classrooms instructing students to call Islamic terrorists “freedom fighters.”

It seems only logical that the evolution of this kind of insanity in the American culture should extend to the acceptance of an unabashedly lawless president who routinely tramples the checks and balances designed into our system.

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Breitbart. He taught us that the little voices count big.

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3 comments on “Obama’s America: The Scary Thing is We Don’t Care

  1. Shanna Carson
    March 1, 2013

    We need a spending freeze across the board. We should only maintain essential spending. After all, if it’s not absolutely necessary, why are we spending money on it? Our children are drowning in debt before they are even born…

    • Regular Right Guy
      March 1, 2013

      Then on the other hand, we take the position that we need drastic spending cuts; entire departments eliminated, social security grandfathered and privatized.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Duffy
    March 10, 2013

    Brazil privatized S.S. over 30 yrs ago and cab drivers make more in
    Retirement than they did while working….Bush could have pushed it more when he had both houses and he did nothing. A NAT’L sales tax or maybe a flat tax would help……New Zealand put in a flat tax over 20 yrs. ago and it has worked great , so a New Zealander told me……
    Shanna is right, we are drowning in debt and no one seems to care… did a man that had absolutely no experience, did nothing the short time he was in the senate …get to be president the first time and how did he get Re-elected with gas prices doubled, high unemployment, a socialist agenda bordering on communism and more that is too long to list, get elected the second time…..yes, it’s nice to have the first black president but let’s get one that loves America and knows what to do beside campaign and play golf……
    Reg. Right Guy, keep up the good work!!!

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