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Obama’s Sequestration Shtick: Why Aren’t We Laughing?

dget_Battle_Unintended_Consequences.JPEG-0a732What Republicans have been consistently at a loss to do throughout Barack Obama’s tenure is laugh. No question that when someone is dismantling the republic you so dearly love, piece by piece, it is difficult to laugh. But nothing else has worked for the GOP, so why not?


Think about it. At least 51% of the U.S. voting population elected a Third World Waikiki flimflam artist who hasn’t worked a day in his entire life. Twice. That’s side-splittingly funny.

Barack Obama is Bart Simpson funny.

White House tours canceled? Rolling with laughter. Janitors losing their jobs because of heartless Republicans? A scream. Teacher’s not around to seduce their tweens anymore? Hilarious!

What, Americans are going to surrender our firearms for this buffoon? Not around this campfire, pilgrim, to paraphrase John Wayne.

And Joe Biden? Somebody stop me before I scream myself to death! Is anyone running Blood Alcohol Content on this moron? HYS-FREAKING-TERICLE!

Ah… Oh boy, give me a moment to catch my breath. Whew! There, I’m better now. Haven’t laughed this hard in, well, since I first saw Michelle Obama’s fashion ensembles, way back in 2009. Who designs those rags? Sheniqua of Detroit? Riotous.

Anyway, when you realize that Barack Obama is not forever, there are plenty of reasons to laugh. Without question Jimmy Carter’s legacy will get a positive bump. He’ll only be the third worst president in history; they’ll have to give Obama first and second place.

Now isn’t that funny?

So laugh already. Go on, try it.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

h/t Drudge


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