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Has Obama’s ‘Mean Team’ Overplayed His Hand?

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Outrage is growing as a group of sixth graders continue their campaign to stop The White House from using the excuse of sequester budget cuts to close its doors to tourists next week so they can go on their class trip. [Video]


Barack Obama must be waking up with sciatica in the morning, the backlash has been so severe over his cutting of the White House tours this week. Especially in light of his personal extravagance. White House tours, a favorite of students visiting Washington, have been open to the public for decades, and are given sans tour guides.

In his zealousness to make sequestration meet the disastrous claims of his marathon End of the World Tour, Obama has come off looking like a twenty-first century caricature of Simon Legree, in reverse.

One has to believe that Obama’s “mean team” advisors have red behinds this morning, the public outcry has been so vocal. The response from the Right has been priceless, as well.

NewsBusters via Drudge:

President Obama actually had the nerve this week to close down the White House to tours as part of budget sequestration.

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer on Fox News’s Special Report Thursday observed, “The President’s travel expenses alone for the golfing outing with Tiger Woods would pay for a year of White House visits.” [Video]

“So I suggest that perhaps he curtailed the travel, or perhaps auction off the set of clubs and he might be able to allow those Iowa tots to come through the White House,” Krauthammer added. “I’m not cynical enough – I’m trying.”

Uh-hum. This is embarrassing.

To make matters worse, Eric Bolling at Fox News’s The Five has jumped into the fracas offering to personally pay to keep the tours up and running for one week.

Mary Katherine Ham @ Hot Air:

As long as we’re shark-jumping, President Obama, let’s pole vault these suckers, shall we? 

The White House’s transparently petty decision to inflict sequester’s pain on America’s middle-schoolers (as if those years aren’t tough enough) revealed its sequestration doomsaying as silly and its post-doomsaying behavior as spiteful. In a rare good PR turn for Republicans, what was meant to make them look like heartless meanies has held the White House up for ridicule for its utter unwillingness to prioritize. Upon hearing the estimates that the White House’s cancellation of tours might save the administration $18,000-$72,000 a week, Fox News anchor Eric Bolling— I’m sure they’re fans at the White House—decided to come to the aid of The Children.

No wait, that’s not all. Hearing about Bolling’s selfless gesture, Fox colleague Sean Hannity jumped in and offered to pick up another week.

Wow, whodathunk! Barack Obama has finally become transparent in spite of himself. First Rand Paul eats the President’s lunch while he’s taking a herd of RINOs to dinner; then Obama plays Scrooge McDuck, and it’s not even Christmas.

Yes, You Can’t, Mr. President.

One comment on “Has Obama’s ‘Mean Team’ Overplayed His Hand?

  1. Duff
    March 12, 2013

    No other reason than spite……”I’ll show them” Oh he cares for the middle class? Don’t bet on it?

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