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Hasselbeck Being Dropped from ‘The View’?



As Joy Behar skanks off into the sunset, presumably to find a man she doesn’t have to hold at gunpoint, rumors are circulating that The View will not be offering the show’s conservative wildcard Elisabeth Hasselbeck a new contract.

Hot Air:

In a news flash which will, beyond a doubt, profoundly and disturbingly affect a majority of Hot Air readers, various media outlets are now reporting that Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be leaving her current television employment situation next season. She is currently one of the hosts of a show called, “The View,” which I believe is some sort of travel photography collection.

The future of “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselback is up in the air. According to two sources familiar with the matter, Hasselbeck will not be returning to the daytime program next season.

In a statement, a spokesperson for “The View” tells TVNewser, “Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of ‘The View’ and has a long term contract.”…

So why might she be exiting Stage Right? Could it be because her “views were to extreme” for The View? [Read More]

Well, actually no. It’s because she’s the only one on the show who doesn’t need either a walker or a long toke between segments.

Okay, sorry. But can the producers think of anything else that would make this piece of morning drivel less appealing? Wait. there’s Perez Hilton. Multitudes of bon-bon munching welfare moms with rollers in the their hair will give the show a ratings bump, if they replace Hasselbeck with him. Oh, you should be so lucky, girlfriend!

Really, isn’t this like Roger Ailes replacing Sarah Palin at Fox News with Scott Brown to boost ratings?

In Other Breaking News: John McCain and Lindsey Graham gave President Obama’s limousine a good sudsing this morning.

Just kidding.


One comment on “Hasselbeck Being Dropped from ‘The View’?

  1. Duffy
    March 11, 2013

    Well, it’s about time that Behar is banned from the show….that woman is the most hateful person against anyone that doesn’t agree with her and hates God, as well….not sure how Elizabeth has dealt with that crowd all these years….she isn’t popular with the crowd that watches that show, so not surprised. Most people that watch that show think the same way, I said most, not all as I do have friends that watch for the fun of it…..but I couldn’t stomach Behar……Perez may fit right in……he’s a hateful kinda guy!!!!
    Go for it, Barbara …..but then maybe 17 yrs. is long enough, yeah, I think it’s more than long enough…..

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