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Hypocrates! Beyonce For Michelle’s B-Day Bash, Guns For Gabby Giffords’ Man…



Beyonce, Adele Not Set To Sing At Mrs. Obama’s Birthday, Says White House: Rumors Are ‘100 Percent False’ 

Okay, we thought about not going with this late last night, but the Obamas haven’t told the truth about anything in four freaking years. Why should they start now?

Today’s blog:

Beyonce Knowles will no doubt get the A-list tour of the White House next year, when she performs at FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash.

It will be Skyfall singer and Oscar winner Adele’s first bounce on the Lincoln bed, however, as the Obamas party and turn the kiddies away at the door.

The Obamas ignored a veritable landslide of offers by Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity, and Newt Gingrich to keep White House tour operations up and running in the ‘people’s house’, while planning Mooch’s birthday fête.

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro:

President Barack Obama and Michelle used to talk frequently about how the White House was the “people’s house.” In fact, the White House website now carries this quote from the First Lady: “It’s the ‘People’s House.’ It’s a place that is steeped in history, but it’s also a place where everyone should feel welcome. And that’s why my husband and I have made it our mission to open up the house to as many people as we can.” …

But will they pay all the expenses of the party? Security arrangements? Food? Cleanup? White House parties are expensive affairs. [More]

Uh, no, in a word. The Obama’s will pay for the party itself, but you and I will pay for the extra Secret Service protection and other incidentals the First Sister and Barry seem to require like oxygen.

This seems to be the week for liberal ‘we’re-special-and-you’re-not’ dissimulation.

Former U.S. congresswoman-turned-professional-victim Gabby Giffords’ retired astronaut husband Mark Kelly was caught by Breitbart buying an AR-15 (we won’t call it an assault rifle because it’s not) and .45 ACP with high capacity magazines at an Arizona gun store this week.


Mark E. Kelly, gun-control proponent and husband to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, recently purchased an AR-15 (an “assault weapon,” he called it)—which he now says he intended as an illustration of the need for more stringent gun laws.

Kelly reportedly bought the AR-15 and a 1911-style semi-automatic pistol at a gun store in Tucson, Arizona. 

Breitbart News received a tip on this when Neil McCabe, editor of Guns & Patriots newsletter, contacted us on March 7 and said:

Mark E. Kelly, made purchases which included an AR-15–sometimes described as an “assault rifle”–at 3:30 pm on the afternoon of March 5 at Diamondback Police Supply, 170 S. Kolb Street, Tucson, AZ.

According to McCabe, witnesses to the purchases claimed Kelly purchased “high capacity” magazines as well.

On March 6, McCabe contacted Kelly’s gun control group–“Americans for Responsible Solutions”–and on March 8 they replied that his message had been passed on to colleagues who handle press requests. Breitbart News then began investigating the details surrounding the purchase, including visiting the gun store.

Suddenly, Kelly announced on his Facebook page that he was not going to keep the AR-15, which he has yet to pick up from the store. [More]

Oh, that explains it. Captain Kelly was just checking to see if he could pass a background check. Because let’s face it, if he can pass one, you might be able to, and then there goes the country. Or some such liberal flack.


One comment on “Hypocrates! Beyonce For Michelle’s B-Day Bash, Guns For Gabby Giffords’ Man…

  1. Duff
    March 12, 2013

    Honest;ly, these people never cease to amaze me…….”It’s okay for me but not for you, peeon’s” They are priviledged and above everyone. He’s an astronaut and she a former congresswoman, so there you have it…..get used to it because they deserve more protection than you…….

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