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Boston Herald: ‘Obama is Not the Devil’

article-2295082-18BFDB35000005DC-609_634x380Thanks to Mark Perigard at the Boston Herald this morning for clearing that up. Well, the actual quote is: “History: The devil is not Obama!”


You’ve probably either seen all the flap this morning, or, if you follow Glenn Beck, caught it last night during the History Channel‘s runaway hit “The Bible.” The talk icon’s tweet went viral after he noticed the similarity between the “Devil” and Barack Obama.

This does beg questions, however: Like does Barry have another illegal relative in the country? Now Stop That!

In a press release, series executive producer Mark Burnett’s co-producer wife Robert Downey Jr.… er, Roma Downey — we get those two mixed up — said, “This is utter nonsense…” “Both Mark and I have nothing but respect and love our President, who is a fellow Christian.” But that actor will never work again. Just kidding.

So there’s no truth to the rumor that Barack keeps his AK-47 wrapped in a prayer rug under the Lincoln bed?

Okay, okay.

But, in this politically correct insane asylum better known as the United States, did not anyone on that production crew notice they were 1) casting a black man as Satan, and, 2) that he is a dead ringer for the commander in chief?

This is worse than putting that Reince Priebus impostor on Face the Nation yesterday to look like a complete buffoon. Wait. That really was Reince Priebus? Never mind.

h/t Drudge, Daily Mail 


One comment on “Boston Herald: ‘Obama is Not the Devil’

  1. Cedar
    April 12, 2013

    I was afraid to watch The Bible because I thought Obama . . . I mean the Devil . . . would give me nightmares. Well, they both did.

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