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Tea Party: Preibus Non Grata?

reince-priebusYou thought it couldn’t get any worse after Michael Steele’s financial mismanagement and lesbian bar recruiting escapades?

No, no one has caught Karl Rove in a J. Edgar Hoover little black cocktail dress, yet, but the establishment GOP still seems to be having a time communicating on the right.

Some right-leaning blogs are touting Reince Priebus’ new party ‘autopsy,’ but frankly it left us scratching our heads around here.

Big Government:

After the Republican National Committee released its “autopsy” report highlighting the path forward for the GOP on Monday, conservatives blasted the RNC for proposing changes they feel would blunt the ability of grassroots conservatives to beat establishment candidates at the presidential level. 

The report proposes shortening the primary calendar for the next presidential cycle and holding a series of regional primaries that would be a series of “super primaries.” Critics claim it is heavy on process, metrics, and outreach to celebrities and minorities while being short on conservative substance—which, they fear, would ensure more Mitt Romneys are nominated over insurgent Tea Party and grassroots candidates like Ted Cruz.

Brent Bozell, chairman of ForAmerica, said there was not much that excited him about the report and accused the Republican establishment of being “obsessed with identifying problems and solutions from the top-down instead of from the bottom-up.”

“It’s the exact same thing as (GOP strategist) Karl Rove saying they’re going to pick candidates. That ensures that establishment candidates are the only ones with a chance,” Bozell told The Hill.

Autopsy report’? Guys, in the first place, if your party needs an autopsy, that makes you pall-bearers, not surgeons. Kick the dirt over it and go home, already!

The calculus is not difficult: Two enormous establishment presidential election losses sandwiching a midterm Tea Party landslide over the Democrat controlled Congress and governorships? What about party unity do these people not get? Here it is: The GOP cannot survive without its conservative wing.

The RNC would do better to have Karl Rove conduct seminars on How To Get 3 Million Conservatives To Stay Home. At least it will prepare them for the losses they are likely to face if they keep this nonsense up.

Some in the establishment have ridiculously picked up on the Democrat meme: The Tea Party (code for ultra-right wing wackos) would be too far right for Ronald Reagan. Maybe it was even true in 1981. But anyone who has studied Reagan knows that he was a work in progress, and that he continually transitioned to the right, over the course of his political career.

The difference in today’s GOP as opposed to Reagan’s? Ronald Reagan knew how to message his conservative views to  American society, as a whole, rather than alter them to attract a particular minority voting block.

The problem as we see it is Priebus and the establishment wing of the party. The GOP can either have a party, or succumb to the Washington ‘consultant, lobbyist, and establishment complex.’ They cannot successfully do both.

Just as the Constitution is not a ‘living, breathing document,’ neither is conservatism alterable to so-called ‘evolving’ societal mores and ideas.

One comment on “Tea Party: Preibus Non Grata?

  1. Duffy
    March 20, 2013

    When are they going to get it? They couldn’t see that the Tea Party movement won in 2010? And they lost 2 presidential elections….3 million conservatives stayed home? What is there to get? It’s pretty obvious, even to a casual observer …..

    And they run mc Cain & Romney? It’s nuts…..we need a new party but I don’t think that would work either…..

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