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Weekend Wrap: Yep, Washington’s Still Nuts

joe_biden_2012_7_13Shotgun Joe Biden is having one whopping good time in Europe, where he’s spending taxpayer dollars like a drunken… well, vice-president. No truth to the rumor that he gave his room maid a garden-variety slap for not turning down his sheets, though.

Room Rates: Five. Hundred. And. Eighty. Five. Thousand. Dollars. A. Night.

In Israel Barack Obama is showing the world that it’s entirely possible to hate Jews and still be civil about it. The Palestinians really love him for that. They can’t wait for him in Jordan.

It’s dizzying to think of how close we might come to actually accomplishing something with both of these men out of the country.

Ann Coulter is lambasting the GOP in her column this week, for not knowing how to pick electable candidates. Republicans should listen to her. Wait. They did listen to her when they nominated Mitt Romney. Okay, but they should listen now. I guess.

And sequestration has finally made beachhead on Capitol Hill. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s staffers are now unable to buy well-balanced nutritious lunches due to spending cuts.

If you think she’s yelling now, wait until they cutoff her hair allowance and she’s no longer able to tame that light-socket frizz.

Meanwhile Senate moderate Republicans are wrapping up the week trying to figure out how to get Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for voting against Paul Ryan’s budget. That did not cut a dime in spending and didn’t have the chance of a snowball in hell of passing anyway.

Something about, it doesn’t cut a dime in spending and it didn’t stand the chance of a snowball in hell of passing anyway.

h/t Drudge


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