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Star Parker: ‘Gay Conservative’ Is an Oxymoron


A Mojo Replay Day! Star Parker: From 2011, Updated with Current Links…

Miss Smarty Pants black conservative Star Parker is making trouble again. This time she has dared, not to just be black and Republican, but to be… well, logical!

Townhall  via The Right Scoop:

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, has been an annual gig for me for years. But this year I concluded it was not my place and I declined to participate in the various venues at the event for which I was invited.

Yes, the reason I declined was the inclusion of GOProud, a group identifying itself as representing “gay conservatives and their allies,” as a sponsor of the event.

And it’s the reason why some of the nation’s most important conservative organizations – the Heritage Foundation, the American Family Association, Concerned Women of America, Family Research Council, Media Research Center, and the National Organization for Marriage – did not participate.

The founder and chairman of GOProud removed any doubt on my part that not participating was the correct decision by dismissing these groups as “losers,” “clowns,” and “not relevant.”

I, of course, have been accused of being worse than a clown. The barrage regularly comes in from the left. But this is a first that I’ve had to listen to this kind of stuff from a group that postures as “conservative.”

I became a conservative in church. I thought I was doing okay in my previous life – scamming the welfare system, going to the beach, soaking in my welfare subsidized hot tub, treating sex as a hobby, and abortion as birth control. [More]

Now this is a prime example of why African Americans should stay liberal and on Welfare, in Section 8 housing, and just plain old ignorant Sheila Jackson Lee black folks and everything.

What do you know about recruiting minorities anyway, Star Parker, Tea Party extremist?

Everyone knows that gays are born hilariously homosexual. Riotously ‘the other way.’ Rolling in the aisles gay, and can be as conservative as apple pie… Just because they have different dating etiquette and stuff.

Republicans are the BIG TENT PARTY Miss Smarty Pants showoff!

Because we are INCLUSIVE and DIVERSE and TOLERANT and… and… well, everything the Democrats are and more.

Who cares about the conservative base anyway?

One comment on “Star Parker: ‘Gay Conservative’ Is an Oxymoron

  1. Duffy
    March 27, 2013

    She is a Great lady …….one should read her entire article…..

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