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Karl Rove is a Republican… Today

Karl-RoveJust when you think the argument is all but lost on Karl Rove, he goes and does something really Republican.

Like this week on This Week with… dang! Forget the anchor’s name. Thin, metrosexual-type, New York liberal, kind of sissy? No, not Chris Wallace; he doesn’t work there… No, not Martin Bashir… Cynthia McFadden? Nooo… It’ll come to me.



Things got heated during a segment about background checks and gun control legislation during a panel discussion on This Week when Nightline anchor Terry Moran told Karl Rove that he was “scaring people” with talk about gun confiscation and black helicopters.

Rove told fellow panelist Jim Messina that the laws President Obama is proposing would not have prevented the Newtown massacre. “Those guns were legally purchased with a background check, this would not have stopped something like that. Let’s be very careful about quickly trampling on the rights of people,” he said.

“Look, you want to get something done then stop scaring people. Don’t say we’re gonna keep a registry of all these guns,” he said.

Moran interrupted Rove.

“You’re scaring people with this Orewellian sense that black helicopters and the government, if we register guns, are going to confiscate American’s guns. That kind of paranoia” Moran said before being interrupted by Rove.

“With all due respect, it is not paranoia, ”Rove said.

Rove challenged Moran’s premise that it’s acceptable to register guns in America because other things are registered on constitutional grounds.

“Do we register books? Do we register other things that are constitutionally protected?” asked Rove.

Terry Moran, that’s it!

Anyway, Karl Rove did something Republican this week.

White House Tours: $18 Million… Sasha and Milia’s Spring Break: Priceless

File Under: More of Evvvverything!

barack_malia_sashaSasha and Malia Obama are quietly vacationing at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Breitbart News has learned.

A source tipped Breitbart News off to the First Daughters’ spring vacation, which was not publicly announced or reported. 

Breitbart subsequently confirmed President Barack Obama’s daughters’ trip with other sources. Both the White House and the Atlantis resort declined to confirm the report or comment, but another guest provided a photograph of Sasha and Malia at the resort.

Social media, including Twitter and Facebook, have also carried reports of the First Daughters’ presence at Atlantis. One person who is at the resort wrote: “Rumor confirmed: friends saw the first daughters with a gaggle of friends being escorted to the held elevator.” 

Via Twitter, another person wrote: “Obama daughters at the same restaurant as me…in the bahamas.” [More]

Cost to taxpayers? Money’s no object when it comes to Daddy’s little girls.

Uh… Sasha and Malia are probably going to turnout to be Democrats, huh?

Uh-oh! Chief Justice Roberts Has a Gay Person in His Family

55837893PO003_RobertsLet’s see. He’s been subject to outside pressure before… Not one given to a lot of deep Constitutional thought…  and his favorite cousin’s a lesbian…

Yep, Troy and Kevin, send out the wedding invitations.

L.A. Times via Drudge:

SAN FRANCISCO–Jean Podrasky, 48, a lesbian who wants to marry her partner, will be at Tuesday’s U.S. Supreme Court hearing on Proposition 8 in seating reserved for family members and guests of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.

“I am so excited,” said Podrasky, an accountant and the first cousin of the chief justice on his mother’s side. “I feel quite honored and overwhelmed.”

Roberts is a conservative appointed by President George W. Bush in 2005. Podrasky, who is more liberal, said she rooted for his nomination to be approved by the U.S. Senate. “He is family,”  she said.

Hmmm. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, John Paul Stevens, and  two gals who could bench-press the entire U.S. Senate. This could be a squeaker.

Be honest. Wouldn’t you just love to bitch-slap that tight little smirk off the guy’s face?

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