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Okay, It’s Bob and Carl, Ted and Alan — Get Used To It!

Candidates Vie For Votes At Last Presidential Debate

UPDATE: NBC: Switching to Gay Guy, From Guy Who Just Looks Gay?

That title may be a little archaic for our younger readers. Okay, my wife doesn’t even remember Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice, but if Dennis Miller can lay in Wally Cleaver lines, we should be able to get by with a play on a 1960’s movie title.

As SCOTUS heard arguments on several same sex marriage cases, it was ‘coming out‘ week in media and political circles across the country. Even Hillary Clinton has evolved! Which, of course, is Obama-speak for ‘flip-flopped.’

Oh right. Like Hillary and Donna Shalala haven’t been partying since they burned their training bras. Gag me with a shovel-ready job!

Funny how evolution goes on for, like, millions of years, and then, presto! you get something really astounding. Like an ardvark… or Rosie O’Donnell.

Then Tuesday night Meghan McCain tweeted that big news was ‘being announced tomorrow,’ which we took as the possibility that John McCain is probably coming out… er… for gay marriage, that is.

Unless Meghan’s coming out. I mean, OUT, out. Which wouldn’t be a real shocker. You know, like, because, like, everybody’s doing it and, like, Mommy and Daddy, like, don’t care, and it’s like really hot and stuff.

That was my Meghan McCain. I’m a riot at parties.

And, as if we weren’t already deluged enough with information we neither care about nor want, over at NBC, Saturday Today host Jenna Wolfe went with a twofer: she’s a lesbian and she’s expecting.

Welp, there goes the fan club in Wichita. That must have been one hell of a conception night, though. Jenna, her life partner, and their OBGYN with a pot roast baster.

Tell me, who the @#!% cares whether Jenna Whatshername is straight or gay or into bestiality or whatever else her freak is, anyway?

Not that we just don’t love her death and everything.

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