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Gay Marriage: An Assault on Religion?

28911 Text.inddIt takes someone with a mind unencumbered by the fetters of cultural Marxism to see through the deep-seated purpose behind same sex marriage. A rare breed in today’s United States, when one considers how many so-called conservative leaders have been affected by political correctness.

While the French (who, any good liberal will tell you, are far more sophisticated than Americans) are rioting in the streets in protest, here in the U.S. Americans are blindly accepting the idea of ‘marriage equality’ as though not doing so is tantamount to shackling another slave race. A detestable slap in the face of African Americans, we might add.

But, as Charles Krauthammer pointed out this week, a decision by the Supreme Court declaring gay marriage constitutional will unlid a barrel of snakes Christian and orthodox Jewish Americans will find untenable.

The DC:

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Inside Washington,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said the two gay marriage cases currently before the Supreme Court could lead to an all-out assault on religion in the United States.

“It gets really sticky,” Krauthammer said. “If the court were to decide that to deny same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, then you got Georgetown University – a Jesuit university [that offers] married student housing. It’s a Catholic University. So [when] it says it’s only going to allow heterosexuals, it will get sued. This will become an assault on religion. And the religions, which I think are sincere in their beliefs, are going to be under assault and under attack.”

When NPR’s Nina Totenberg pointed out that same-sex marriage is already legal in the District of Columbia, where Georgetown is located, Krauthammer said the issue is truly national.

“It will be sued everywhere in the country if it’s declared to be a constitutional right, because it would imply who opposes it does it only out of bigotry [and] for no other reason,” Krauthammer added.

Which in itself is a kind of bigotry, no? Dr. Krauthammer lands squarely on point. The larger agenda behind SSM is the destruction of traditional culture in America. Marriage, family, education, government—nothing will ever be the same again, once we go down this road.

Do we really want to be a secular nation?


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