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Chris Wallace to Mark Kelly: Background Check Wouldn’t Have Stopped Loughner…

mark-kellyWhile admitting a universal background check wouldn’t have stopped Jerrod Loughner from shooting his wife Gabby Giffords and killing and maiming multiple others, former astronaut Mark Kelly proved this week that as a gun control advocate he makes a wonderful astronaut.

Note: If you’re going to mess up one of Barack’s pet projects, at least it could’ve chosen an Obama Phone giveaway in Dubuque or something.

NewsBusters [Excerpt]:

WALLACE: Captain Kelly, what do you think [your background check charade] showed?

KELLY: Well, you know, we went in there, my executive director and ours, the executive of our organization, and in five minutes and 36 seconds is the time it took to fill out one piece of paper. You only have to fill out one side and for it to be submitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and get an answer. Five minutes and 36 seconds.

So, what it shows you is that it is not the burden that the NRA leadership says, what a background check is. I mean, it’s a simple, common sense thing we can do to make sure the criminals and the mentally ill can’t have access to firearms.

WALLACE: Well, let’s talk about that, because in Gabby’s tragic case, the shooter, Jared Loughner, had been suspended from college because he was deemed to be a threat to himself and to others. He went to a gun store, he got a gun, passed a background check. And, yet he was able then of course to go out and shoot Gabby and 18 other people.

And, the NRA says the problem, the problem with the background check is that — the kind of mental health information, for instance in Loughner’s case, doesn’t get passed on, so it doesn’t get to be part of the background check.

We’re sure it was just an oversight of Mike… er, Chris Wallace’s part, but he failed to mention that Kelly also tried to buy an AR-15 and that he flunked his own background check.

Wait. He didn’t fail the federal check; he failed the gun store owner’s check.

Just a small example of how futilely ridiculous it is when the government sets out to conduct a Minority Report-type inquiry into the future actions of a person.

No one can predict evil. Loughner got a gun; Kelly was denied one. So just how much of your personal information will satisfy bureaucrats?

Visits to your therapist? Disagreements with a boss who doesn’t like you? Suspensions from class back in high school? A DUI? What about recreational drug use sometime in your past? In that case, the President of the United States could not pass a background check.

Still, it’s loads of fun when liberals make morons of themselves.


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