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Psychiatrist Walks Into a Room and Yells, “Allahu Akbar!”…

Nidal HasanTalk about ‘Stinks on Ice!’

What’s worse than a soldier getting shot? A soldier getting shot on a military base while unarmed… because the army doesn’t allow soldiers access to weapons on military bases. Because? Somebody might get shot.

What could possibly be worse than that? Well, the military not acknowledging that a soldier was wounded in service to his or her country, when that is undeniably the case.

PJ Media:

What fact do you suppose is better known: (a) that Nidal Hasan has been incarcerated since he killed 13 American soldiers and wounded several others while screaming, “Allahu Akbar!” in the 2009 Fort Hood massacre, or (b) that his victims were denied Purple Heart medals by the U.S. government?

Obviously, by leaps and bounds, the answer is (a). And for this reason, among several others, it is patently disgraceful that the Obama administration and its minions in the hyper-politically correct Pentagon brass are denying those soldiers shot by Hasan the military honors they are due — long overdue, actually – from having been wounded by an enemy operative in a wartime terrorist attack. 

Speciously, military prosecutors are arguing that granting Purple Heart awards to the wounded victims would somehow prejudice Major Hasan’s upcoming trial because it would be tantamount to a branch of the government rendering a judgment that he is a terrorist and therefore already criminally culpable. The White House’s hacks at the Defense Department — both uniformed and non-uniformed — are reportedly trying to run this same jive by lawmakers, several of whom are incensed by the slight to the wounded. If they are capable of shame, administration officials ought to be ashamed by this frivolous claim, which dishonors not only Hasan’s victims but also the military justice system itself.

It has always been the proud boast of the military justice system that a truly innocent person has a better chance of being acquitted there than in the civilian system. That is because military trials are typically decided by panels of commissioned officers. For them, there is a solemnity about following orders that is unmatched by cross-sections of the general public who serve as petit jurors in civilian trials. [More]

It’s difficult to completely blame this on Barack Obama and his administration. After all, Major Hasan was actively recruited for the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (and officer candidacy) during the Bush-Clinton era, and assimilated into the system, while all the time evidencing signs of radicalization.

However, Barry’s at the switch now, and the idea that these brave soldiers are being denied the U.S. military’s oldest and most sacred medal, after being subjected to this vicious enemy attack by an al Qaeda terrorist and registered Democrat, is detestable. Sorry, we couldn’t resist that last snipe.

Mr. President, you are a three-alarm ass****, sir … and you can’t shoot B-ball for s***, either! Which is odd, when one considers you’ve done little else in four years. Golf. Excuse us. Golf.

One comment on “Psychiatrist Walks Into a Room and Yells, “Allahu Akbar!”…

  1. Duffy
    April 4, 2013

    This is inexcusable ……and it is now OB’s fault because the problem is in his court. He could change this injustice in one moment. I think he detests the military and this behavior confirms it….

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